Review Policy:
If you would like me to review your product(s), I will contact you as soon as possible with an address to send your product. I do require full sized samples for all reviews. The sample(s) will NOT be returned, and you will be responsible for any shipping costs involved. I will personally test out your product and I will write a detailed blog post about the product and my experience with it.

I will personally includes links to your website, include photos of the product along with personal styling which includes many different angle photos of the product on and tips on how to wear the item(s) 

** All reviews will be posted within 2-4 weeks of the product being received.

*Offering a giveaway of your product increases reader interest and also creates a message through multiple blogs. Although it is optional, we encourage you to think about offering a giveaway in conjunction with the review.

Giveaway Policy:
I am always looking for great sponsors who would like to get the word out about their business and its products by sponsoring a giveaway of one or more of their items.

*Giveaways will run for a period of three weeks for items less than $100 in value

*Giveaways will run for a period of 1 month for items over $100 in value

*Each giveaway will be featured in its own exclusive post.

*If you would like to offer a gift certificate as a giveaway item, please make it an amount which will cover the entire purchase including shipping of at least one item in your shop.

*All of my giveaways will require my readers to visit your website and/or blog in order to participate.

*Shipping of giveaway prizes will be taken care of by your company. I will provide the winner's shipping information to you upon completion of the giveaway. I ask that the item(s) be shipped within 1-2 weeks after close of giveaway.

Please keep in mind, I do NOT advertise or write blog postings for free. I will barter, or accept payment for certain types of promotions, blog postings and advertisement.


Please do note that I do my reviews based on personal experiences and I would never compromise or be biased towards a product. I do my reviews with a 100% honesty because I believe that my readers/ followers deserve to know my honest opinions. So, if you are not confident with your product & afraid that I might say something negative about it, then I clearly am not the one to do that kind of review for you and your company/ site. 

One thing to know is that I keep my reviews REAL, HONEST and PROFESSIONAL.

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