Ewwitsnikki is a personal style blog which highlights my fashion complexities. Just like an alias where I could loose myself though my fashion and be able to showcase myself greedily & freely. 
Instagram: @ewwitsnikki

Hi! I'm Nicolette, also known as Nikki. I am a twenty four year old fashion merchandising student and make up artist from sunny California. 

When it comes to fashion, I actually have no idea when, where and how this love and passion for fashion began, but all I can say is, thank God that it happened. As a child, I have always been the creative extrovert, wanting to try anything and everything. I have this odd habit of a constant self reinvention when it comes to how I look like, not giving a care in the world, just like a free-spirited person. I have had many different hair lengths, styles and colors from long to short, black to extremely odd colors that you would only see on a rainbow and more of that sort. I also have this unusual obsession with always trying to look good (at least on my own standards) before I walk out the door. I know, it sounds a little narcissistic on my behalf, but come on now! tell me who doesn't like looking good? then we can agree to disagree. Hence, I digress.

I am someone who is the complete opposite of a minimalist, I like over the top things, fire works and all. That's why I often give off the impression of an intimidating person, which is definitely misleading. I am absolutely, 100% warm, approachable and easy to get along with. (so, come to me and let's be friends!) However, with my Vivienne Westwood alter-ego aside, you might be surprised that I am also someone who finds happiness in little things like looking up at the stars at night, (telling everyone and their mothers where Orion's belt is located) sobbing over countless Korean dramas, thrifting, quenching my curiosities about life and watching and rewatching foreign and period films as well as documentaries. 

I get random motion sickness in long or short car rides and elevators, I pull random all-nighters for no apparent reason, just simply because I feel like it. I am a sucker for dogs and babies, I am allergic to alcohol and all types of sea food, with the exception of fish & mussels. I get dermatitis, nose bleeds and hives when I'm stressed or ate something that I'm not supposed to. I am someone who is like an onion, I have many layers to show and it doesn't take one peel to get to know the real me. 

When it comes to fashion inspiration, I usually look to fellow bloggers/ vloggers such as Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters, Syl & Sam of Lipgloss&Black, Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor, Camille Co & Tricia Gosengtian just to name a few. I also find great inspiration from this Korean girl group called 2NE1. -- Their style is just very edgy and in your face but at the same time, chic and feminine, just how I like it. I appreciate how this group combines high fashion designer pieces along with custom made/ DIY'd items. Also, another thing that really sets them apart and another form of inspiration for me is their music, which is all about girl power and a woman who is independent and does not take any crap from any man or anyone for that matter. Aside from bloggers and artists, I also find a huge influence from the different periods in fashion. I most especially love the early 18th to19th century fashion as well as the roaring 20's through the latter times. Some of my all time favorite designers are Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, Nina Ricci, Jean Paul Gultier and Hubert de Givency, then there's also Jeremy Scott and Betsey Johnson with their wacky yet unique sense for fashion.

As far as my own personal style goes, I would say that my style could not be defined in just a word or two because I have no particular genre that I follow when it comes to fashion. I am someone who has an eclectic taste, and am not afraid to try new or old things, because fashion was never meant to be taken seriously. I have fun with my personal style and just dress according to my mood and whatever my heart desires. This is my depth, fashion wise.

"True style transcends fashion. Style is innovation, creation, and inspiration-with a personal twist."