November 18, 2012

Insta-segment vol.1


Hey loves!
So, I thought I'd add this little segment in my blog since I know I don't update on personal style posts as often as I should. But anyway, I hope you like my photos! I update my instagram a whole lot since it's very convenient and I could just take photos (outfit of the days, ie.) with the self timer on my Samsung Galaxy.

So, the first 7 photos are pretty much self explanatory since they are all pictures of my outfits. The first photo on the 2nd row (wearing blue dolman sweater w/ leopard print on the sleeves) is from Isn't it very cute though?

The following photo on the 3rd row is just a picture of this super yummy crepes that I had for my 25th birthday. I'm not much of a cake person so my siblings thought that we could just have some crepes instead since it's less sweet :) --considering the fact that I don't really have a sweet tooth. Crazy, I know!

Next photo is a picture of my little brother and I. We're 3 years apart so he's 22 now and I'm currently 25. He's also a LCpl. in the Marine Corps. ---He's in Afghanistan at the moment too :( But he'll be returning back to Japan early December, so I'm very much relieved about that.

The first photo on the 4th and last row is just a self picture... kind of like an obligatory daily photo haha! Next is a pic of a few models that I helped style and dress for this Fashion show for British designer and Sacramento local, Caren Templet. The last photo is a picture of the very spicy cucumber kimchi that my little sister and I made. It's so good but incredibly and ridiculously spicy and with spicy I mean like hell in your mouth spicy. haha!

Anyway, hope you guys like this little insta-segment. ^^
So, if you haven't followed me already, please do so if you want. I mostly post pictures that are either fashion related and a couple or few conceited photos along with some food pics in the mix + a little bit of everything else in between.

So, if you have an instagram....feel free to follow me!

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