October 18, 2012

Dress Styles for Winter 2012/2013

Top Dress Styles for Winter 2012/2013
Another new season is upon us and it’s time to start putting all the dainty and barely-there summer frocks, skirts and sandals to the back of the wardrobe and replace them with a sturdier stock of winter clobber.
The arrival of a new season, for some, is an excuse to hit the shops and update an out of style wardrobe. Dresses, naturally, are an important part of any season style and none more so than the party-filled festive season.  
If you’re looking to update last year’s dresses with this year’s then you may want to take a look at the top dress style of winter 2012/2013.

Bring on the Belt
The winter 2012/2013 season is all about belts and no fashion item lends itself quite as neatly to the buckled look better than a dress. Demure winter dresses that hug the figure dramatically and, with a thick pair of tights clearly visible, create a sophisticated and chic winter look, can be glamorized considerably by the addition of a belt.  
This season’s belts are all about enhancing close-fitting, structured, sophisticated and edgier designs and will make a fantastic feature for all those forthcoming parties.

Black and Blue Dresses
We cannot deny that classic black dresses never fail to make their way onto the high street in one guise or another during the winter season. Although this season’s classic black dress has taken on a novel twist with the addition of navy blue detailing. From black and blue stripes to predominantly black with dramatic fusions of blue running through, the season’s must have classic party dress is a fusion of two of the most wearable colours in the fashion world. Hooray!

Leopard Skin
There is nothing quite as eye-catching as when a lady walks through a bar dressed in a leopard skin dress. Leopard skin, in all its forms, is back with a vengeance this season, and if you want to make a dramatic statement this winter then be sure to make a leopard skin dress part of your wardrobe.
Longer length leopard skin dresses are particularly fashionable this season and are being accompanied with a pair of sturdy knee-high boots – the ultimate fashion statement for the coming winter months.

Winter Whites
If a black and blue striped dress doesn’t take your fancy, then you may be more inclined to adopt the more virginal and floating white winter look.
This year’s winter whites are moving away from neutral and safe fashion and are becoming larger than life as designers are mixing pure and pristine white winter dresses with soft creams and bold colours to make a striking fashion statement.


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