January 29, 2012

Designer Profile & Photoshoot with designer, Kyle Gajeton

Designer Kyle Gajeton with models, Jennifer Orozco and Alexandria Leary

Kyle Gajeton is a fellow fashion student at SJDC who majors in not only fashion design but also fashion merchandising. He is one talented designer among others at our school who have given life to our wonderful fashion program. He is heavily influenced by technology and space exploration as you can see by his two designs, which included a lot of metalics and geometric shapes on both garments as well as the accessories. 
MODELS: Jennifer Orozco and Alexandria Leary

When asked where he gets his inspiration from, Kyle tells us, "I love looking up into the night sky and seeing thousands of stars. It makes me feel like there is so much more to life and that we don't know what the future holds but the future will definitely be an adventure. I try to make my designs recreate the suspenseful feeling I get when I think about the future or when I think of us being such a small part of a huge universe. My designs really reflect who I am. I am constantly trying to figure things out and predict what's going to happen or what someone is going to say. My design concepts are about trying to predict the future and make it available to people now."

Kyle along with ten other fashion design students will be taking part in our schools annual fashion show called "A Story of Fashion" where they will create their own collections from the ground up. With a unique and very futuristic concept, I'm sure Kyle will have a very interesting and one of a kind collection, which I'm sure we'll all look forward to seeing.
MODEL: Jennifer Orozco
MODEL: Alexandria Leary
  DESIGNER: Kyle Gajeton I  MODELS: Jennifer Orozco and Alexandria Leary I  PHOTOGRAPHER: Kathy Vang
HAIRSTYLIST: Marissa Tapia I  MAKEUP ARTIST: Nicolette "Nikki" Sison

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