December 19, 2011

Custom Made Shoes

Ever wanted your very own custom made shoes just because everyone else is walking in the same pair of heels are you are? Well, you don't have to worry any longer because Ms. MaryMac offers just what you want. Custom made pair of heels that will fit your every mood, personality and will give you just the right amount of attention. 

Ms. MaryMac custom makes all their unique and one of a kind shoes that will not only turn a few heads but also add a little "pep in your step" (-- Ms. MaryMac) Each pair is specifically made just for you and you alone. Now, doesn't that sound delightful, knowing that something is created solely just for you?

If this still doesn't cut it for you, then you ought to know that not even two pairs of shoes would look alike, for everything is hand designed. So if a pair sells out and another customer wants the same exact pair, they could still order it but it wouldn't look completely the same as previous pair.

Now, the pair that I got from Ms. MaryMac is called "Zeeya." It is a round toe pump decked with large copper bows adorned with round mosaic-like buttons. It has 1.25" inch platforms both hidden and visible. Another cool feature about this pair is of course the subtle pale aqua blue color with loud brown zebra-like stripes, that are definitely a head turner. And inside you can see the custom made label/ logo which says "Created by: Ms. MaryMac" which kind of gives a sense of exclusivity.


Overall, I am very satisfied with this pair. It's absolutely gorgeous for the fact that it's the only crazy/ fun looking shoes I have in my shoe collection.

Want to know more about Ms. MaryMac or simply want to check out their products?  Feel free to click on the link below.

Ms. MaryMac's Website

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