October 30, 2011

Sister Tag + Q&A/ Featured on MyFDB + 7senses Giveaway Winners

Hey loves, 
Today, I turn a year older! OMG! can you guys believe I'm already 24 years old? O_O where has time gone? Anyways, it has been a good year this year and my birthday was great even though I wasn't really able to have my birthday dinner since mother nature interrupted by giving me a huge ass cramp. But yeah, it was sad cause it was so bad that I had to go home :( Anyways, it's all good and I'm all better now. But yeah, here's a video tag that me and my little sister did. Hope you guys enjoy watching our silly selves hahaha! As you can see, we're really close even with the 6 year gap :) 

Ok, now for the fun stuff, I recently did an  interview with MYFDB and they have posted it up right on time for my birthday. Here's a screen cap of it! Please check it out if you guys want to read the little Q&A's that we did. 

Now for the "funner" part of this post, the 7SENSES Giveaway Winners!!!

*drum roll*
One $100 Gift Voucher Winner

Two $50 Gift Voucher Winners

Congratulations to all the winners, please email me (nicolettesison@yahoo.com) with your real names and which prize you won and I will be sure to forward your emails to the people of 7SENSES and they should email you, your gift vouchers :D Thank you once again! Also, for those who didn't win, please don't get discouraged because I will have more fun giveaway later on in the future. 

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