April 13, 2011

Influents Créateurs de Mode (Influential Fashion Designers)

Charles Frederick Worth (late 1800's - early 1900)
Charles Frederick Worth is a Parisian designer that was titled the first fashion designer as well as the first designer to do a fashion show.

Paul Pioret
Paul Pioret is another Parisian designer that is known for eliminating corsets and replacing them with "bras" as well as reintroducing harem pants. Pioret, is the first designer to create his own designer fragrance. He devised both the sheath & the sack dress. Pioret also worked at the House of Worth after CFW's passing. He also established his own Maison de Couture.

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel (1920's)
Coco Chanel originally designed hats for prostitutes and made clothes with little or no undergarments. However, she made a statement in fashion with her comfortable separates for women, her famous Chanel suits, costume jewelry and of course, who would forget her little black dress and the worlds best selling perfume, the Chanel no.5.

Madame (Madeline) Vionnet (1930)
Madeline Vionnet was the first one to create a garment that is made of silk fabric and is cut on the bias, so that it would drape well on the body. This dress, is now known to be the "bias cut" dress and this kind of gown/ dress was reflected in the old Hollywood glamour.

Claire McCardell (1940)
Claire McCardell was the first American designer to launch a RTW (Ready To Wear) line. She is also responsible for the wrap dress as well as the infamous pot holder dress.

Christian Dior (1949)
Christian Dior was the first designer to initiate designer name "licensing." He is also responsible for the "New Look" which is bringing back women to that hour glass silhouettes with tight fitting tops and corsets.

Yves Saint Laurent (1955)
Yves Saint Laurent is a talented designer who worked for the House of Dior, after Dior died. He was also inspired by art, particularly the color blocked painting, the "mondrian", by artist Piet Mondrian. Saint Laurent is also responsible for his no gender/ androgynous designs.

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