March 1, 2011

A Perfect Gift For All Occasions

My Name Necklace specializes in selling a high end selection of hand made name necklaces. Not only do they personalized & customize necklaces but also bracelets, earrings and other accessories. I mean, how more personal can you get, when it comes to gifts right? 

I, honestly have been wanting a personalized necklace like this, so I was quite happy to finally get one. I, personally love this site mainly because it allows your to really customize your order. From the word/ name you want to appear on your necklace to even the type and style as well as the length of the chain that you want your necklace to have.

I love how interactive it is and it that it allows you to pick and choose things just how you like it. It basically gives you almost this "power" or even the feeling of specialness. I mean, no other person will have the same exact necklace as you. Although, it might be the same design, having the words/ names personalized creates this amazing feel good atmosphere, almost.

The way they package the necklace, definitely adds another brownie point in my book. I mean, just look at the cute box on the picture below.

I am such a sucker for great packaging, and I don't know why. But, I guess it's because packaging let alone sells a product already. It's kind of like a first impression. A person judges another by appearance first, then later on, that impression can either stay or change.

In this case, I absolutely love my first impression as well as my over all impression :)

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I got the Sparkling Diamond- Cut in Sterling Silver and I got it in an 18" inch chain.
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It actually took me awhile to decide what words/ name I should put on my customized necklace. Anyways, I ended up putting my name & my boyfriend's name together, which I thought was both cheesy and cute all at the same time :)

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Another thing that I really appreciate was the fact that the chain connected with each end of the word/name. By doing so, it prevents the name/ word to move around freely and it keeps it in place. No need to worry on your hook & eye (backing) turning, as well.

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here's me wearing my customized mynamenecklace along with the necklace that my boyfriend got me for my 23rd birthday.

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The cursive writing also gives it this chic- sophisticated touch to it, which is always great. Over all, I am completely satisfied with my own customized necklace. I guess, the only thing that I might find a bit of a downer is that it does take a few weeks to get to you as they ship all the way from Israel. Although, I must say, they packaged it it quite good so the box or the necklace was neither damaged.

Get your own personalized necklace here:

FTC: I received the product for review purposes only. I am not affiliated nor am I getting paid to do this review. All opinions are 100% my own honest opinions.