February 1, 2011

YMI Box Office Jeans Review

From leading ladies to pop sensations, YMI jeans often look to their favorite celebrities for fashion inspiration. This month, YMI Jeans takes to the silver screen to scour the hottest looks of the season.


 They take the work out of emulating your favorite celebrity looks by showing you how you can re-create Leighton Meester’s college campus style from “The Room Mate” and nail Camilla Belle’s LA Diva look in “From Prada to Nada” with our Box Office styles. 

For all of our movie inspired looks, check out YMI Box Office blog post 
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Anyways, the wonderful people at YMI Jeans were kind enough to send me a pair of their Cigarette Jeans to try. These jeans were inspired by Natalie Portman's look from No Strings Attached.

It is indeed a cigarette styled jeans that are beautifully dark washed, with hook and eye closures. I got mine in size 1, even though I'm normally and usually a size 3. 

Although, I love dark denim jeans, I must say, these jeans didn't look quite as good on me as on the model. The jeans fit my hips perfectly but was kind of big on the butt area as well as the thighs and legs. The jeans didn't hug my petite figure which is quite disappointing since I initially had that picture of what it would look like on me. It made me look like I'm wearing baggy pants, which I'm totally not used to, since I do wear skinny jeans often. 

Anyways, I feel like these Cigarette Jeans would look best on someone with more meat in them. Maybe someone with more curves? Yes! definitely someone with more curves, as the jeans would absolutely hug every curve you have. 

Asides from all of that, I do love the quality of these jeans. They are made with high quality materials which you can definitely tell just by looking at it. 

Anyways, feel free to look at their site at, HTTP://YMIJEANS.COM & check out some of their good quality & affordable jeans.

FTC: A pair of jeans were provided, free of charge by the said company for review purposes only. I am NOT getting paid to do this review. All  opinions stated were 100% my own honest opinions. 

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