February 26, 2011

Less than $15 Blog Sale Preview

Hey loves,
I've been meaning to put up this blogsale for the longest time now, but it's been delayed and way overdue. Anyways, the main reason why I wanted to do this sale is because #1, I absolutely need to clean out my stash and find these babies a good home. #2, I actually have been chosen to be one of the MUA for our school's Spring Fashion Show this May. This fashion show basically showcases the fashion design student's line/collection. Our school also invites a few well known people in the fashion industry to witness the show, which makes it a pretty big deal for the design students that will be strutting their collection on the runway. & last reason is because, since I was chosen to be one of the MUA, I need to upgrade my traincase a bit. I am in desperate need for newer/ more supplies (ie. brushes, palettes, etc.) 

Anywho, enough with the blab! So, that's my story hehe! But yeah, hope you guys can support me with this sale and for my reasons. 

Here's a little sneak peek of what my blog sale will consist of. 
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[MAC, Etude, Heidi Yi, MUA, Sugar Pill, Hard Candy, BYS, NYX,etc..]

PS. A fellow blogger friend, Tiff of WILLWORKFORMAKEUP is actually running a blog sale right now. So, while waiting for mine to go live, check out her amazing blog sale.

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