February 11, 2011

Eve Pearl Ultimate Lip Palette Swatch & Review

Hey loves, 
As most of you who follow up on my EWWITSNIKKI facebook fan page may know, that I had perviously posted a status regarding my Eve Pearl Dual Performance Lip Color- Ultimate Palette. Anyways, I just wanted to write a quick review with pictures and swatches along with it.

So far, I am loving this palette a lot. Although, I was quite disappointed with the size, since I originally thought that it would be at least a little bigger. But, it's ok! It's actually pretty sleek and compact, which mean you can bring this sucker along everywhere. And, I literally mean, everywhere! You can even put this whole palette in the back pocket of your jeans. Yes! it's just that "fun sized" as I'd like to call it.

However, don't get me wrong, this palette is great! It includes 18 different lip colors with different finishes ranging from cream to satin to even luster. A couple colors in that palette is actually sheer enough to be considered as a lipgloss, so it's a pretty awesome mini palette that has everything.

Another thing that I do love are the color selections. You have your different shades of reds, pinks & even neutral browns.

But, through the upside comes a couple of downsides to this product.

I'm not too fond of the packaging, because the outer shell of the packaging is also quite thin and I feel like once I drop this fragile thing, it'll be all over. The next thing that kind of annoys me is the "lip brush" UGH! it's the most useless thing I've ever used =( I mean, if you're spending $40 on something like this, you would only think that the brush it comes with would work well or even just be in good quality. But, the double sided lip brushes are just a downer for me since neither one works well. Both are very rough, and at one point I even thought they felt like the tip of a broom. So, I to my dismay, I went ahead and used my super handy dandy tools which are my fingers. I guess, it's much better to apply it that way that using those brushes. Also, it won't be a problem if you already own yourself a lip brush.

Other than my cons, I'm really impressed with the pigmentation & colors. But, do I think it's worth spending $40 over it? I don't know, probably not.

Kind of sucks since I've heard so much great things about Eve Pearl. Anyways, I'm sure their other products are still marvelous. I guess I just have to try more to figure it out.

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