February 4, 2011

Dream High, High, I'm So High

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-Black Leather Jacket from Styles
-Blue Cheetah Print Cardi from Blooms
-Black Fluxus Nomad Scarf from ShopAdorn
-White V-neck Shirt from Styles
-Floral Printed Oxfords from FXXI
-Huge Black Rimmed Nerd Glasses from LA's Fashion Dist.
-Red Nautical-Inspired Head Scarf from Styles

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quality changed due to the fact that my camera's batteries died -_-" had to switch with my iPhone instead. Sorry for the sucky quality of the rest of the pics.

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"Fluxus Nomad Scarf as seen on Oprah  from Shop Adorn"

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This huge jersey cotton scarf looks great with any outfit! Wrap yourself in it, drape it around your shoulders to add color and spice to your favorite outfits... or simply to keep from getting cold. This nomad scarf will complement any wardrobe and is available in four different colors

-100% Cotton Jersey
-Size: Approximately 60" x 102"

Overall Thought:

I just absolutely adore this scarf from Fluxus Clothing. I can't get enough of it! It's especially perfect for these cold winter season. 

It keeps my neck warm & keeps me looking both stylish & edgy at the same time. 

I also love how huge this thing is. I mean, it could be a blanket but I love it nonetheless. You could even double wrap it and do many different ways of how to wear a scarf. 

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