January 5, 2011

Post New Year's Outfit

Hey lovlies,
It's been a while again, has it not? Anyways, how's everyone's  New Years coming along? Isn't it crazy how it doesn't even seem like the year 2010 already ended and it's already 2011? Yet again another year has gone by so quickly, it almost doesn't even seem like I've done anything great last here. But, oh well! I'll be sure to make the best out of this year, that's for sure :)

Anyways, aside from the reflective blabber, here's my OOTD for New Year's eve.

Me and my dad are actively involved in our church choir & our choir had been chosen to sing for both Christmas eve & New Years' eve masses at 10-11pm. Anyways, after the New Years eve mass, my family, along with my aunt (my dad's sister) went out to eat. Being New Years' eve and all, mostly every restaurant is closed, so we didn't have any other choice aside from Dennys', which isn't so bad. Anyways, we spent our New Years' in Dennys' hahaa! 

So, yeah~ here's my OOTD & FOTD for that evening. 

I decided to wear my LBD (little black dress) with black tights & Joey O peep toe heels studded heels that are like 6" high. haha!

Anyways, my intentions were not to go all black, as I don't want to go into the New Years looking too somber, but rather simplistic with a pop of color & edge. Which is why I wore my bright blue cheetah print cardigan. (I also wore my blue trench coat, but that isn't in the pictures being shown below.)

I wanted my face to be clean but since my outfit is a little too bland, I wanted an exaggerated eye make up. 

Here's my EOTD
I used my 120 palette as well as my Sugar Pill loose eye shadow for my lids

Also, here are some pics that me and my little sister took with her Itouch4

and lastly, here's our first 2011 family dinner/ breakfast? lol

How about you guys? How did you celebrate your New Years?


  1. Hey Nikki!
    Happy 2011, I hope you have a successful year full of love, health and happiness. :)
    You look so pretty! Edgy but sophisticated.
    I especially love how you did your eyes. Which Sugarpill loose powder did you use?
    Thanks! :D

  2. @Wendy: Aw thank you so much! I wish the same for you, love :D Also, thank you for your lovely compliments <3 And lastly, I used the sugarpill loose e/s in "MAGPIE" my my all over lid color (just to add a bit of sparkle) ^^

  3. OMG!!..I love your dress..Absolutely gorgeous.. You look gorgeous as always hun..^_^.. I had a great New Year dinner with my family and including my bf.. Love your family picture..

  4. @Angie: Aw thanks hun! you're as sweet as ever :) And, aww I'm glad you got to spend time with your family as well as your BF. As for me, although I wish I was able to spend my new years with my bf as well, I mean.. it's ok because he had to be with his family too. So, yeah! hehe!

  5. love your fabulous make up. And those shoes are gorgeous! love it! And that dress of yours! sexy! :)

  6. I just want to say Hi to Everyone!