January 5, 2011


Hey loves,
Unfortunately, I'm here to re announce the new winners for the 28 piece blush set from Sedona Lace & the $150 value kit from Go Smile, since neither winners were able to contact me in a whole week that I've given them.

Anyways, sorry for this unfortunate news, but I have to abide by the rules that I've set & now, I have to pick a new winner for the following categories.

So, the new winners for both are:

1st Prize Winner: Michelle-esque
Please email me at nicolettesison@yahoo.com with the subject "1st Prize Winner" along with  your Full Name & Shipping Address

Go Smile Winner: leeJ
Please email me at nicolettesison@yahoo.com with the subject "Go Smile Winner" along with your Full Name & Shipping Address

Again, congratulations to our new winners! And, if you didn't win...don't worry as I have a bunch of newer & better giveaways for you guys this New Year! ^_^


  1. So lucky!! ahh i've been checking everyday on your blog, hope i wasn't one of the original 2 girls who won LOL. i doubt it because i never win haha. anyways these girls are soooo lucky. thanks for caring about your subbies and blog readers =)

  2. @SKayylove Omg! Sylvia...I think you were the original winner for the Gosmile? I think? But I never received an email from you so unfortunately, I had to pick another winner =(