January 10, 2011

Just COWL my name & I'll be there

Today was an ok day, if it weren't for the fact that all my comments have been deleted, including the giveaway entries. >:[ So fcking pissed! I didn't even get to sleep. I've been officially awake for more than 24hrs already & I just know I'll KO so bad later tonight. haha! But yeah~ had to sing for two masses today (8am & 10am mass) then me and my family decided to eat out after church. We ate at the place we normally eat at after church, then went home & my little sister had been buggin' that I teach her to drive. So took her at her school's parking lot & we polished her right & left turns as well as getting used to the pedals & turn signals.

After that, we decided to shoot...well, she was the one who shot me. Photographically, of course!

 But with that aside, I decided to just photowhore it to let some steam outta my system & here are the results, i guess? lmao!



-"Cassie" Dress from

This dress is a really unique dress. It is 100% polyester with an amazing pattern & subtle yet bold detailings. It is a pullover dress that has side rouching on the bottom. It also comes with a wrap around belt that's made of the same fabric as the dress. 

It is a cowl neck which I LOVE! it's probably my most favorite part of the dress, simply because it's not only chic but also keeps my neck extra warm, especially this season. 

I love how this dress can be worn up or down. It can be worn with heels or paired with flats. (very versatile, if I may say so myself!) 

-Black boat neck long sleeves from Ross
- Anne Michelle's Balenciaga-inspired lego boots from Blooms
-Braided yellow belt from Forever 21
- Black tights from P2000
 - Gray floral patterned tights from Blooms
- Polar Bear Spirithood from Spirithoods.com


Simple & neutral eyes with shades of brown, gold & black using my Sleek "Storm" Plalette

ELF $1 Lipstick in Seductive

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