January 12, 2011

HAUL #1 (lashes, fake hair & leggings)

Hey guys so I recently found a website that sells 10 pairs of fake eyelashes (in box) for hella cheap. Well, everything on the site is super affordable which I love. The site is called KKCENTERHK and they sell mainly fake eyelashes. However, they also sell tights, leggings, wigs, hair pieces, makeup, nails, you name it. Anyways, I went ahead and got 3 boxes of falsies, a fake bun hair piece to basically volumize and make my small bun huge, as well as a pair of houndstooth patterned leggings. Anyways, here's my haul. Enjoy!

Lets start with the lashes first,

The packaging for the type of lashes I got were in this sleek glossy black box. Some were a bit dented due to the fact that it was flew in all the way from Hong Kong. (Although, I must say, it only took about 1.5 - 2 weeks, so not bad) Nonetheless, the lashes were safely intact & nothing was damaged or anything. Unlike some sites that send their boxed lashes & once it gets to the person, the lashes are not even in their proper place & everything's scattered.

Here are the lashes! I really like how it's all natural lashes, because as most of you know, I'm a "dramatic falsies" kinda girl. So, it's nice for a change to have some natural looking lashes. Also, I went ahead and grabbed a box of lower lashes just to test it out. 

A99 is very natural & the best thing about these lashes is that, they were selling them for only $2.30. I mean for a box of lashes with 10 pairs, that's one hell of a deal isn't it? I don't know about you, but if you want natural looking lashes without someone thinking "oh! she's totally wearing fake eye lashes" then, these lashes are it. It not only lengthens but also gives you that sexy and flattering eye lashes you've always wanted. 

A801 is also very natural but what I do love about these lashes is that the band is clear so it won't be as noticeable like when the lashes have a darker colored band. I'm also loving the spikes, since it gives you that dramatic look without being overly done. These lashes are a little more than the A99, but it's still cheap nonetheless. It's $4.40 for a box. 

Lastly, the A020 is for your lower lashes. It's about $3.50, still cheap but just a few cents more than the A99 and a few cents less than the A801. To be honest, I'm not really a lower lash wearing person since my lower lashes are quite long. But, I've always been so intrigued as to how people wear them. Anyways, I went head and got these & surprisingly, it's pretty natural as well. It's actually just as long as my real lower lashes so it definitely made my lower lashes a lot thicker than it already is.  



Also, I went ahead and purchased a fake bun hair piece and a pair of shinny houndstooth patterned footless leggings. I've always wanted a thicker bun, but since I've cut my hair, my hair is short & the bun doesn't look so nice and round. So, yeah...it was cool because I got this hair bun and leggings for only $4.50.

Hella cheap right? Anyways, I wanted to get so much from the site haha! I actually have my eyes on a couple of their wigs. Mainly because I miss my long hair soooooo much =/ But yeah, here are some items that I have my eyes on: 


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