December 26, 2010

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind

Belated Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you all had an amazing Christmas day with your family, friends & other loved ones. As for me~ Christmas was pretty amazing. I'm just glad I'm surrounded with real people who love & accept me for who I really am. 

I am so thankful for a lot of things & one of them is having an amazing family who supports me no matter what. Even though times get rough from time to time, I know that no matter what happens, I can always depend on them. I'm also thankful for being blessed with the most amazing and understanding boyfriend :) Without him, I would have not known how to express what real love is.

Anyways, aside from family bonding moments & insane food comas, I am very happy to say that I have now upgraded into a much better quality camera. :)

Today, I purchased the Nikon L110 & here are the test pictures for my OOTD, today~ let me know what you think. I'm still in the process of playing around with it as I would rather figure out how to work it by myself than read the manual. Hahaha! 

click the pictures to enlarge

-keyhole- platform sling backs by: Steve Madden

-my sis bought us a matching LOVE two-finger rings
-grey acid washed jeans from Ross
-peach wrinkled button down top from F21

Photos taken by my little sister, Dianne
(pfft~ she wanted me to credit her! lmao)

Oh~ & here are a couple of pictures of my baby, Chloe that I took ;) She's gotten so big huh?

our neighbor's husky that me and my sister named "Mishka" lmaooo!
(Oh~ my sister too this pic too ^ )

So, how was everyone's Christmas? How did you celebrate it? Did you guys partied it big or just a little family get together? & What were your best Christmas presents you received/ got this year?


  1. your photos look great with your new camera - the colours are super vibrant. great outfit too nikki!

    <3 Pandaphilia

  2. your photos look great ! you are stunning nikki ! ^__^

    i love those shoesssssssssssss. *dies*

  3. @Angie: Thanks, love :D hehe!

    @Siwing: Aw thank you & i love em too! They're not the comfiest pair I own but definitely a stunna!

  4. Your photos look great! I've been wanting those Steve Madden Shoes they're gorgeous on you!!

  5. love the photos

    and i've always wanted to have a 2 fingered ring.. man -.-

    merry christmas, nikki!

  6. cute outfit! especially the sheertop and heels. Mishka. LOl ^_^