December 19, 2010

High Stella!

Hey lovelies,

Here's another OOTD! Actually, the first OOTD for this month of December. *sorries!* Anyways, hope you guys like it!

Fashion Feature:

Today's Fashion Feature is the Stella handbag from
It is available in Black, Cream, Turquoise & Grey, I got mine in Grey, of course. What's cool about it is that this bag is made out of a vegan faux leather material, which is AWESOME! It is very big & has tons of room inside. It also has a lot of mini compartments for your cellphone & other accessories. It's also big enough to fit my binder & some school text books. 

It has a sophisticated yet edgy design that is perfect for any outfit. It stands out by itself & will definitely make a statement wherever you go.

I personally love love love this bag!  It is exactly what I want in a bag, roomy, lots of compartments, BIG & stylish. :) I actually get tons of compliments whenever I wear this bag. And, another thing....the Grey Stella is prrrrrfect for this season or any season for that matter. 

So, if you guys are interested on this bag, you can check it out at: 


So, the weather's been MEH! seriously such a depressing weather =_= Anyways, aside from the lame weather, I've been loving the super warm & comfy F/W fashion. I love layering, so these cold seasons, I've been doing just that. 

Also, for some reason, I've been doing my hair in a bun a lot. Maybe because I wear a lot of scarves, so it's a lot better & looks more chic with your hair up. What do you guys think?


  1. nice coat n boots , of coz u looks nice n pretty too

  2. @wintergurl: Thank you :)

  3. dope!~

    the hair is nice

  4. @Ken: Thank you! hehe!

  5. I love your coat! I wish I could pull off that hairstyle. It looks great on you (:

  6. @Loren: Thank you & aww I'm you can pull off a high bun hairstyle too :D Just give it a try!

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous..I absolutely love it..Love your FOTD..

  8. @Angiepink: Thanks love <3

  9. Heheh, you are so cute Nikki! I always love your outfits =)

  10. u look fab -love it!!