November 1, 2010

Prison stripes & 5 inch heels

Hey loves,
First of all, I would like to say thank you for all of you who greeted me a Happy Birthday via comment on my previous blog post. You guys are awesome ^_^ I guess, being 23 isn't so bad, feels like I'm still 22 haha! Anyways, here's another fashion blog for all of you who have been waiting for it for a while now. Hope you guys like it.

*this is such a candid picture -_-" 
NOT lovin the face, but lovin the body shot. lol

-Nautical inspired blazer w/ black & white stripes

LIKES: I love the fact that its a nautical inspired jacket. It's very stylish & comfortable and perfect for this season. I love the silver buttons & the small anchor embellishment on the fold of the blazer. Also, I did notice that this blazer has built-in shoulder pads, which I absolutely love, mainly because it gives me more shoulder. I don't know why, but for some reason, I love the boxiness it gives me. haha! I love the overall look :) The inside is lined with a black polyester fabric while the exterior, I'm guessing is a poly/cotton blend. 

DISLIKES: Some of the buttons were a little loose =/ So I was kind of bummed about that. However, I do know how to sew, so that can easily be fixed, but for someone who doesn't, it might be a small disadvantage. I'm also not too fond of the cuff on this particular blazer because the circumference of the whole arm sleeve is the same as the cuff. Also, another con thing is that, it is a bit short on the sleeve length. 

OVERALL: 8/10 

- Joey O Peep-toe Studded Platform Heels

- Perfect Blush Dress
-Navy Blue Sheer Tights



  1. You look hot! I still can't believe you're 23! You don't look like it, ahaha :)

    That blazer is sooooooooooo HOT<3. I love it!!!

  2. OMG!!..I love your heel hun..Gorgeous and 5 inch!! Love your candid pictures..You absolutely gorgeous as usual..I love it..Really2 love it..

  3. I'm loving the shoes! They're GORGEOUS with a bit of edginess to them : D Love it!

  4. hottt , loving ur makeup and that lipie <3

  5. i love everything that you posted >_< need i say more? lol

  6. You look hot as !
    The make up looks really good and ..that blazer LOVE. I love love love love loveeee the anchor design on it; and the small chain that's attached :)!

    It's a shame that the buttons weren't on properly though. It's happened to a couple of my clothes :( I sew them back on but it's so troublesome :/


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