November 3, 2010

Lacey Nymph

Hey loves, so as requested, I'm trying to do more OOTD. So here was my OOTD, today for school~ minus the huge bow headband. I actually just wore that for pictures. hehe! Anyways, hope you guys enjoy & again, don't mind the photo heavy blog posts (that's how you know it's my blog....cause I photo whore a lot) haha!

~this was taken by me ;)

Candid here we go...again -_-"
ekkkk~ whyy oh whyyy?

What I'm wearing:
-Power Shouldered Lace Top: Ross- $5.99 GOOD DEAL!!
-Elastic High Waisted Skirt: Ross- $8.99
-Sheer Thigh Knee High Leopard Printed Socks: Betsey Johnson- $?
-Kensie Girl Natalie in Black: $54.90

LIKES: The shoes are made of suede with leather lining. It has a whopping 5 inch chunky heels. I love that about these shoes because the heels are actually made easier to wear & of course walk with. I also love how it's a peep toe & has a criss cross type or should I say cut outs on the front. 

The inside has padded insoles that "should" make it more comfortable to walk in. I love the hot pink lining inside which also says "kensie girl." All in all, I must say that it's a pretty good looking shoe, but...

DISLIKES: It is a bit disappointing because it is an inch and a half smaller than my actual size -_-" I got it in 6.5 (because that's my usual size when it comes to peep toe heels) but for some reason, I guess the shoes/ brand/ type of shoe runs a bit small. I should've gotten a size 7 instead. Anyways, having said that, these heels only have a 1 inch platform. It may actually sound good to have a platform to avoid feeling like you just wanna throw those pair of shoes by the end of the night, but just having 1 inch of platform doesn't do much difference because it was still uncomfortable =(

Also, while I was shopping at Ross, I saw the same exact shoes....& for how much you ask? For ONLY $25 -_-" & these shoes were $54.90. Ahh~ what a huge difference right?

OVERALL: Although there are pros and cons to this particular brand or the shoe itself, I like it nonetheless. I will still wear it because it just looks good, plain & simple. I mean~ what kinda girl dresses up just for comfort nowadays? and whoever said being or feeling beautiful on the outside is easy? hahaha! 

Anyways, if you want to check out for more shoes, check out this new shoe website I found at:

~the neighbors dog (my sister gave me a piggy back ride so I could take a pic of the dog on the other side of the fence. LMAOOOOO)

Nymph-inspired makeup

Hope you guys liked it! 

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  1. OMG!!..I love your OOTD..I love your heels!!..I love your EOTD!!..OMG!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee all of it..^_^..

  2. I love your makeup and your outfit (: I wish I could take you shopping with me!! (:

  3. @Angie: Aww thanks, hun! you're super sweet! thanks for always supporting & showing massive love for me and my blog posts <3

    @Keisha: Thank you so much! Ahh~ lets go! haha! I bet, we'd go broke haha

  4. your grass is soo green !!!! lol.. darn. i'm so jealous of cali weather.. we are in the 40's right now .. i wish i could still dress like this !!!

    anyways.. lovely makeup and lovely outfit, as always !!

    love your style! =D i saw your OOTD vid on youtube with these tights and i asked where you got them.. now i know what brand they are from this post! yay =D (at least i hope they were the same ones!)

  5. I did think those shoes looked familiar! Ross, a girl's best friend. =]

    I love your look! You should have kept the big bow... I wore a big bow to school today! Hehe

  6. I am obsessed with your knee high socks! THEY ARE SO CUTE :) I love your eyes here too, so pretty<3

  7. omg I love the eye liner under the eye!! sooo percise! I love the lashes also!! Amazing outfit! super cute!

  8. you belong in a magazine seximexi ;P i couldn't even pull off a look like that on a special occasion. Actually, i feel underdressed just reading your i wear my jeans, t-shirt, and chucks. haha! ;P <3 you!

  9. this is FAB !! <3 IT

  10. i loveeee your makeup! your look is so dolly today and i absolutely love your top!

    <3 angie

  11. Hey I came across your youtube channel today and I like it so much that now I'm at your blog haha glad to be your 730 follwer! :)and super cute OOTD.

  12. I honestly love your whole outfit...especially the lace top and the shoes!

  13. Gorgeous outfit! Its soooo pretty to wear for school! But I love it! It looks such an expensive looking outfit but when I saw the prices I was shocked!! You really find good finds!! Keep it up! Looooove the pictures :D

  14. nice blog; ) ur photo is really fantastic !!!
    i like it :**

    follow me and write a comment if you want ! <3

  15. dying to know what lipstick that is!! haha ur so pretty <33

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