November 14, 2010

Cut Out Leatherette

Hey loves, sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Anyways, here's another OOTD, hope you guys like it. I really love this dress, it's super cute with a hint of sexy. Heheh!

Anyways, I got this dress, along with a jumpsuit from (I'll do another OOTD with the super cute jumpsuit, tomorrow) 

So, you're probably wondering, who and what the heck is Kocosky? Well, it's a relatively new online boutique that is based here, in Northern California. They carry a sophisticated collection of contemporary dresses, jumpers, rompers and other accessories for women who loves to look good and feel confident in what she wears. Their main mission is to provide up-to-the minute style that accentuate a woman's figure, all the while providing comfort and quality.

This dress is called "Danica" & I got it in size, small. The dress has a black and white, almost cheetah print pattern. It has a sweetheart neckline (which I love), as well as a box pleated skirt, with open back cross strap details. The dress is made of polyester type fabric, which is almost silk like. It is very comfortable & soft to the touch. It has an exposed zipper and adjustable straps that are very cute & functional.

Here's me, photowhoring with the dress on haha!. I also paired it with a faux leather jacket, a ruffled poly-cotton blend scarf from F21, some navy blue tights & a black peep toe-buckled ankle wedges. I also, rocked my "lady gaga" sunglasses that is super huge hehe!

Also, check out their packaging! It's super duper cute & professional. Gotta love it!


  1. Oh my!..I love your dress hun..Especially the back side..GORGEOUS!!..You look beautiful as usual..^_^..WOW! to your beautiful wedges..

  2. Love the outfit! HOTT <3 ;D

  3. Totally chic! {*meow} I really like the leather jacket you paired with this outfit. I think the straps on the back is probably my favorite detail of this dress.

    Your hair looks totally amazing for being at an, according to you, an awkward length. It looks really good.

    <3s Serena.

  4. @Angie: Aww thanks hun <3

    @Ange: thank you :)

    @Wintergurl: Thank you ^^

    @Serena: Aw you're too sweet! thank you & lol! really? I hate weird looking. like it has no style =/ haha anyways, thanks for the sweet compliments. <33333

  5. Those shoes... are to die for.

  6. @Mara: Thank you :) i love em too hehe

  7. The dress looks gorgeous on you ! And I think it matches nicely with the shoessss (LOVEEE) and the jacket ! :D <3

  8. The back of the dress is amazing!! You look so pretty :D. I'm loving the whole outfit.