October 5, 2010

[Review] Ultra Pure Cosmetics

Ultra Pure Cosmetics was established in the year 2005 & stood by it's name, Ultra Pure, meaning it is a skin nurturing cosmetics that does NOT contain petro-chemicals, parabens, bismuth, oxychloride, dyes/ lakes, SLS or other irritating ingredients.

They also do NOT test on animals, which is another great thing. Not only are their products high quality and effective, it is also safe to use because it is free from chemicals, as well as it being environmentally friendly.

Here are some of the products I received :)

1.) Cream to Powder Mineral Concealer (sample size)
it conceals under-eye circles & hyper pigmentation
2.) Omega Brilliance Lip Gloss (Malibu Pink)
it is 100% vegan, omega rich formula, petro-chemical free & paraben free
3.) Chocoberry (sample size)
it is a matte eye shadow that is a very rich dark brown color & has a bit of a black undertone to it.
4.) Eggplant (full size & original packaging)
it is a silky deep purple with a redish- purple iridescent.
5.) White (sample size)
it was supposedly a matte eye shadow but it looked sparkly to me, so i really don't know what to think of that
6.) Tempt (sample size)
it is a silky maroon-ish color with iridescent.


Overall, I think that the products that were sent to me were really good. I most especially love the lip gloss because as most of you do know, I'm not really a lip gloss kind of girl because I just prefer lip sticks over lip glosses any time, any day. However, this particular lip gloss or maybe it was the color, but I absolutely loved it! It is not sticky in any way like most MAC lip glasses are. Also, the fact that it is 100% vegan and contains no parabens or petro-chemicals just makes me love it even better. 

As for the eye shadows, I noticed that everything is so pigmented, you don't have to pack it on your eye shadow brush to make it stand out on your eyes. It can also be applied wet or dry. As these eye shadows are loose pigments, I suggest using a flat synthetic brush rather than a natural fluffy eye shadow brush, to prevent unnecessary fall outs. 

As far as the Cream to Powder Mineral concealer goes, the one that I got is a tint of yellow which is for under eye circles and hyper-pigmentation. The consistency is this thick cream based that is easily blendable & definitely won't leave your bags looking yellow. However, I am a bit confused with its name because it says its "Cream to Powder" but i don't see how it changes to powder, because its consistency is 100% creamy. But, I mean I have nothing against it, I'm just a bit confused with its name, that's all.

Anyways, I actually did another makeover using my little sister as a model. However, she fell asleep in the middle of it, so I just took pictures of the finished product, while in a deep trance. LOL!

i used, tempt, eggplant & white
i used the omega brilliance lip gloss in malibu pink

sleeping beauty?

Visit the Ultra Pure Website at:

FTC: The item shown was sent to me by http://ultrapurecosmetics.com for review purposes only. I am NOT affiliated with this company, nor am I getting paid to do this review. I believe in honesty & this review is 100% my own honest opinion. 


  1. Hahah..Lol..Your lil sister cute.. Love the look hun..I love it as usual..^_^..

  2. oooo, never heard of this cosmetic brand but would love to try it! hehe... i loled at the last pics. hehehe!!!

  3. hahaha your sis fell asleep xD those colours are so pigmented it's crazy! i love the white base too

  4. LOL i love the eyelook! And i love the pictures of your lil sis! SO CUTE!

  5. You sister looks cute . Baby face

  6. Aww you guys look alike! Cute lol :D
    And I agree about honey wing, super comfy. But the dueba brand ones they sent that are supposed to be comarape to the geo wings... Just don't :(

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