October 4, 2010

Meet the Fashion Industry Insiders + Styling Workshop = Double the trouble

So most of you who follow me on Twitter or added me on my Official Fan Page probably know that last week I went to a back to back fashion & styling event that my school's fashion program hosted. So, last Thursday was the Meet the Fashion Industry Insiders event from 5-7:30pm & five renowned fashionistas from all over the US showed up to speak to the fashion students and talk about how they began their journey and how they got where they are now.

Anyways, the first person & probably my most favorite is the Guru of Fashion, Michael Palladino. He has worked in the fashion industry (particularly, in retail) for almost 18 years. He has worked with clients such as  Queen Noor of Jordan, Rudy Giuliani, Paula Abdul, Paris Hilton and many more. Anyways, after the event, they had a more intimate Q&A & I was fortunate enough to had been able to speak with him one on one. He is one of the most sincere people you'll ever get to meet or talk to. Like when I spoke to him, I just felt really comfortable & not intimidated in any way. He made you feel like he has known you for quite some time already & gives you amazing & honest advice, which was really helpful :D 

The second person that was there is celebrity and TV fashion stylist, Jeni Paollela. She has about 7 years of experience and has styled celebrities such as Carrie Underwood, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Marissa Jaret Winokur & even the cast of the infamous reality show, Jersey Shore. (She said, she only styles them not on the show but when they attend special events) 

She is also a FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) graduate in Fashion Merchandising, Marketing & Design. She has also worked with Michael Palladino at the legendary boutique, Henri Bendel. 

Another person that was there is Uduak Oduok. She is a 6ft 2in, Nigerian model, journalist/ publicist & a lawyer! Insane right? She told us that she was an overachiever & that she had graduated high school at 15, college in 19 & finished graduate school at 23. Insane right? I mean, I'm turning 23 in a couple of weeks & I still haven't even finished college -_-"? Hahaha! Anyways, she is a very intelligent & inspiring woman.

The next person is Billy Hutchinson. He is currently the assistant manager at Gump's in San Francisco & he is just one of the sweetest & petite guys you'll ever meet. He is really cool! He does a lot of amazing art, especially with his breath taking calligraphy, that is worth a whole lot of money (OMG!) as well as his amazing gift wrapping techniques which was featured in Wanda Wen's book, The Art of Gift Wrapping. 

Also, he went to my school for our fashion program! ^_^ A proud Mustang!

The last person is Renata Barberie Campion. She is also a FIT graduate, as well as a runway model in Milan & Paris. She has also worked at Levi Strauss for 10 years. Anyways, she recently started her own company which was named Trooyu, LLC. A company created to bring together exceptionally hand-made leather boots and artisanal premium knits.

Anyways, the day after this event was the Styling Workshop. I was asked a few days before the event to be one of the MUA (makeup artist) at the event, so I said, "why not!" But yeah, it was really amazing, although a bit intimidating because most of the MUA's were professionally trained while me and this other girl were just freelance MUA's. But yeah, aside from that...it was a really cool experience and it just empowered and inspired me to excel & do better on this craft.

But yeah, here are the pictures! ENJOY!
*photography is by Stan Rapada

Meet the Fashion Industry Insider
Billy, Ranata, Michael, Uduak & Jeni
amazing mini dress display by the fashion students & yummy dessert provided by the culinary students

Styling Workshop
Yours truly in action 
(I did edit the color to make it more saturated)
Other MUA & Hairstylist
Another hairstylist

My Models
(their makeup required a minimalistic look. Hence, their looks being very simple yet fresh)

Other Models
A huge closeup of my face! hahah! I didn't even know that I was getting my picture taken. This is 100% candid lmao
My group's models (idk why the last girl didn't have a solo head shot -_-?)
another model & MUA (loved his tattoos)

Anyways, that is it! Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures & got a glimps of my life as a fashion student/ makeup artist hahah!

Oh & before I forget, here was my FOTD for the Styling Workshop last Friday.

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Also, I will be posting another haul I recently made from Hard Candy Cosmetics :)


  1. you did an amazing job nikki! the makeup is super natural and your own is beautiful too :)

  2. Aww thanks, Angie!
    It was crazy because it was a bit out of my element. A natural look isn't exactly my forte because I'm used to doing crazy & dramatic looks, but it was such an amazing experience :)

  3. That looks are great!


  4. wow good event! You met great ppl, soo lucky hehe.. and photographer took a good candid pic of you! xD

  5. @Becky: thanks, hun!

    @Ipeh: It sure was :) It was such an inspiring & motivating event. I loved it! & thank you, I didn't even know he was taking a pic of me lol

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