October 10, 2010

Frizz to Ease

Here are some before & after pics

Yes guys, my hair is frizzy after shower -_-" Boo! It's so damaged that sometimes I just want to shave it all off and start over, but that's impossible now is it? Haha! Well, not really, but why would I wanna shave off my hair? =/ It takes me extremely long to grow it back & I already miss my long hair. Boo! 

Anyways, as far as my hair goes, I have a really weird hair condition. Oily roots & super dry tips =_=" I don't know if it's just me, but I can't really do much about my stupid hair condition but just fake it. HAHA!

To be honest I have used several flat irons in the past. From the low end brands such as Revlon & Conair to name a few & from high end brands like Hana Professional. I have used a bunch since my high school years & for some reason, they kind of all failed me in one way or another, which is a bit disappointing. However, this TI Cruise Chrome Edition is just amazing. It not only straightens my hair, but it also volumizes it as well as giving it, its shiny look without making it look "oily" 

I also love the fact that you don't need to turn the temperature all the way up to straighten your hair completely. I think that is the most important thing for me especially because my hair as you all can see is not in the best shape. So, it's important for me to find a straightener that will do it's job & that's to straighten your hair. 

Also, aside from straightening hair, this TI Cruise Chrome is also amazing do to curls & flicks. My little sister actually tried curling her hair with it & she said it was so easy. (I'll be sure to take pics next time she does her hair again. Gah! I miss my long hair! hehe)

Anyways, here are more pics ^_^
(I've been loving this color combo lately, so midnight fall-ish!)

Anyways, here's the site's description:

"Curl, Flick, Straighten or wave with this limited edition Hair Straightener in this exclusive sleek designer Chrome finish. 

Tourmaline has been crushed and infused into our bespoke black ceramic floating plates, allowing the natural negative ionic power to shatter the molecules in your hair into smaller particles, helping your hair absorb all the minerals and vitamins safely."



  1. wow loooooove the look!
    I use the brand Phillips teamed with tresemme and yep I'm happy with it :)

  2. I love how you did your eyes (^_^)


  3. I always love your makeup look hun..Gorgeous as usual..^_^..You look gorgeous no matter what types of hair design on you..

  4. Love the makeup look, I've feel in love with my Hana straightener, but I've heard the TI is good!

  5. @arsyparsy: thanks, love & that's awesome! glad you found a flat iron that works for your hair.

    @Becky: thanks, love!

    @Angie: You're too sweet! thank you so much!

    @Stephanie: thank you & yes, don't get me wrong, love my pink hana too, but... i kinda have to put my temp setting higher than usual =/

  6. im using baby liss for straighten my hair.. i love it. have temperatur. i dont use it often tho. cos my hair soo sensitif. and only with blow their allready straight hehe u did amazing result with ur hair. jealous with ur thick hair!!

  7. mine's is from a korean brand & it works wonders! U look awesome after taming down ur hair!