October 12, 2010

Customized Swarovski Necklace from DHC Elements

I had received a beautiful package a couple of months ago from Christina. She was amazing because she allowed me to pick & customize my own necklace that she sells on her site. I was able to pick the size of the hearts as well as the length & design of the chain itself. 

amazing color combos don't ya think? matches my cardi ;)

DHC Elements allows you to customize your very own jewelry, which is why I think it's super amazing. However, she does already have pre made ones for those who don't want to think so hard. (hehe!) She also sells other Asian inspired fashion jewelry as well as a variety of circle lenses, BB creams, lens cases & a couple of clothing items. 

Another great thing about her site is her customer service & her interaction with her customers. She hosts a monthly giveaway for those who order from her. The prizes vary from circle lenses to fashion jewelry.

Anyways, she is located in the US so if you want to order some circle lenses or BB creams from her, you'll be able to get it a lot faster. You will also be given the chance to be a part of her monthly raffle drawings ^_^


Anyways, here is the close up of my customized necklace
CHAIN: 18 inch Sterling Silver Necklace; Round links
PENDANTS: Bermuda - 10mm
Virrail Medium- 10mm
Heliotrope- 14mm

I love it! it is absolutely stunning. I love how it just shines in the sun & I even got several compliments about it. 


FTC: The following item mentioned in this review was sent to me by the owner of the site. I am NOT affiliated, nor am I getting paid to do this review. Everything is 100% my own honest opinion.


  1. It's really cute!


  2. Super adorable necklace! It matches your top like crazy :)

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