October 30, 2010

I'm 23 today~

So this is a quick blog with no pictures~ I just wanted to do a quickie & Thank God and my parents for this special day. Today, I turn 23! And, even though I may or may not look it, I'm still very thankful for being able to wake up, alive & healthy & of course be able to spend time with the ones who I love and vice versa. 

Today is another mile stone, another year, another opportunity to succeed, excel & make a difference in this world. 

Thank you to those who have stuck by me all these years, mainly my family & when I mean family, I mean, my parents, siblings, a few of my cousins and of course my bf. 

It was kind of a difficult year for me this year, feeling alone & such a loner which is why I found a sanctuary in this mini blog of mine & I want to thank all of you (my blog readers & followers/ subbies/ etc)  for all of your support and love that you give me each and every day. Your comments really inspire, motivate and empowers me to do something for myself & knowing that I CAN succeed and be someone. Thank you so much for all the love that you've provided for me and my blog. 

I wanna thank those who I've made one of a kind connections with and built amazing friendships with~ you all know who you are. :)

In one way or another, your friendship really meant a lot to me. I never thought it would have been possible to have this kind of relationship with complete strangers, but I have found comfort through your words and encouragement. 

I love you all so much! Thank you!

October 27, 2010

Busy BEEing Me + FOTD/EOTD

Hey lovelies, Sorry I've been insanely busy with life & school lately that I've neglected to blog everyday now. But hope you guys understand hehe! I've been having projects after projects & tons of homeworks and exams for all my fashion classes -_-" UGH! I need a good & long break......*cough~ early winter break?* haha yeah right! Anyways, here are a couple of pictures or should I say, A LOT of pictures of my photowhoring self (as usual) lol! hope you guys don't mind seeing my face plastered all around this blog. But yeah, here are my FOTD's from yesterday & today, enjoy!

 FOTD -102610

FOTD - 102710

Heres my simple smoky purple EOTD

Also, aside from blogging, I just wanna say a warm welcome to the new followers I've made these past few days. Hope that you all like my blog & for my old followers, thank you for all the love and support <3333 I appreciate all of you equally, so thank you!

Anyways, with that aside... I've been into taking random pictures lately so here are some that I've taken a picture on.

And, lastly...I just wanna share the uber cute package I had received yesterday. 
Thank you, Amy <3
Isn't the packaging just gorgeous? Ah~ I love it!

Ahhh~ I'm soooo sleep =___= zZzZz
Anyways, that's it for now! I just wanted to blog so you guys know that I'm still alive hehe! But yeah, if you need me for anything theres always twitter/ my fb fan page. I update those more often than this so yeah~

PS. Sorry I haven't posted any OOTD lately. I've been busy and haven't gotten the time to take a picture of myself full body, so yeah~ I'll try to do it from time to time for you guys though :D


October 23, 2010

[Review] Eldora Lashes

Eldora is a UK based site that sells more than 200 different types of false lashes. From natural looking lashes to the over the top, avant garde lashes. They have a huge variety of lashes that were made either synthetic, human hair, individuals & more.

I was kindly contacted by Ella from Eldora & I received 2 pairs of false lashes. The first pair I received were the B129 & the second pair was the S108, which is a bit more crazy-dramatic.

The lashes are very durable & will definitely last after a few good uses. The strip isn't flimsy like other fake eye lashes. You can also trim the lashes according to the shape & size of your lids. 

Also, Eldora ships for free around the UK & will include a free shipping for orders 20GBP and over for international customers. 

Feel free to check them out at:

Here are some of my favorites:

FTC: The following items mentioned were sent to me by http://eldorashop.co.uk for review purposes only. I am not affiliated with the company nor am I getting paid to do this review. Everything in this review is 100% my own honest opinion.

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October 22, 2010

I Love Boobies

I Love Boobies
I Love Boobies by Nicolette Sison featuring a drop earring

This set is dedicated for those who have or had breast cancer..also, for their friends, families and loved ones who never gave up on them. Always believe, have hope and stay strong.


Autunno Stagione

Autunno Stagione
Autunno Stagione by Nicolette Sison featuring snake jewelry

Autunno Stagione means Autumn Season in Italian. I most especially love this season mainly because I was born in the Autumn Season. I love the sunshine with the cold breeze. And here in California, our Autumns are the best! I also love fall season fashion! I enjoy layering garments together as well as jewelry.

What do you guys think of this outfit? & What do you guys usually like to wear this season?

C'est Magnifique

C'est Magnifique
C'est Magnifique by Nicolette Sison featuring a leaf ring

The simplicity of the top mixes well with the bold floral print of the harem pants. The accessories used are very bold as well. Very over the top & filled with edge & glamor.

What do you guys think? Would you ever rock this look?

Vintage Chic

Vintage Chic
Vintage Chic by Nicolette Sison featuring a skull ring

This is my trend forecast for Spring 2010. What do you guys think? Would you rock this outfit this Spring?

October 20, 2010

Sedona Lace 28 Blush Palette + FOTD w/ Black Hair & OOTD

Blushes compared to the size of an American Quarter

Check it out at:


As you guys can see, I photowhored as usual ;) 
I used a NYX single eyeshadow in Exotic Green, if any of you are wondering. Also, since my eyes are super dramatic, I muted my lips with NYX's lipstick in Circe & Revlon's Ginger Rose. Also, for those who have been asking, I use Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation for my foundation & for my concealer I've been using Heidi Yi's Trio Concealer.

Also, none of my pictures are ever highly photoshopped. I just edit the lighting a bit, if it's too dark or grainy. ^_^

This dress is a dark taupe/ tint of brown color with a knitted or cut out top. It's 100% cotton & is super comfortable, but susceptible to wrinkles. It's also very flowy & sheer, so might need to wear a slip or a pair of short shorts & some tank underneath. I'm also wearing a thin cognac colored double braided belt to slim down my waist & widen my hips to give me some shape.

here's my eye of the day~