September 10, 2010

What an amazing week it's been!

So, most of you guys know, if you follow me on twitter that I've been super excited to see my boyfriend that I haven't seen for almost 3 months. Anyways, I finally got to see him a few days ago, Monday- Thursday. He went back to LA but I miss him like crazy already. 

Anyways, it was great seeing him and hanging out with him & definitely looking forward to seeing him again in December. 

Ok, so for the curious ones, here are the pictures (PHOTO HEAVY BLOG, once again :) 

the only picture we took! haha! 

we went to SF for a fun-filled day! we went to the exploratorium, ate at pizza orgasmica, walked around baker beach, ate and shopped at genki crepes and japan town & ate dinner at this supa fly non-traditional chinese restaurant that made us wait for 30 mins to be seated because the place is super packed.. hence, GREAT FOOD!

We ordered a medium sized pan of Orgasmica ^_^ Yes! their pizzas have these nasty names haha! 

Here's the nice ass view, overlooking the golden gate bridge
The beach

Japan Town
we met up with my cousin & her "friend" lol

my boyfriend took me and my little siblings to Boomers! we rode go carts, played laser tag & mini golf & other arcade games :) It was hella fun!
me & my little sis
me & my bf :D
matching sweaters :)
me & my sis again
eating dipin'dots
It's an ice cream! Reminds me so much of my childhood & it's fun to eat, as well
my little sis with her laser tag gear on!

we didn't do much but catch up on sleep and eat lunch and shop a bit then he had to go back home =(

Anyways, it was quite bitter sweet, but I'm just thankful that I was able to have fun & spend time with my boyfriend. I know, most of you are like, "how do you stay in a long distance relationship and be able to withstand not seeing each other daily?" Well, to be honest, I'm not sure how, but I guess it takes mature people both inside and out to be able to surpass all the obstacles a long distance relationship has. I mean, it's definitely not easy, but I guess we both make it work. Plus, there are tons of other people out there that live way farther apart than me and Jae. 

I guess, seeing each other every 3-4 months makes everything more special and worth it. It really makes me put everything in perspective and see each day that we are able to spend together a huge blessing. 



  1. i love your hair! and that fuchsia lipstick is amazing!

  2. i love your hair on day two!!
    and all your outfits !! <3

    looked like you had such a fun time with your bf <3 you guy are so cute together!

    time will fly by fast so december will be here before you know it! :)

  3. I agree!! the lippie is so pretty on you... what did u use? (if u don't mind me askin).. thanks!!

    you have cute outfits too... looks like u had so much fun! =) love all your pix...

  4. Wow!!..I love you hair!!..How did you do that..You look absolutely gorgeous..Oh my..That pizza make me hungry..Slurppp..

  5. Naww... you guys are cute! I like your hair in Day 3!! :)

  6. It's great you had a good time!
    I like your hairstyles!
    And you look great with circle lenses!

  7. i'm so glad you had loads of fun with you bf :) hehe aren't reunions the best? my bf saw your photos and asked if that's the exploratorium. next time i'm in sanjo we'll head up to SF too and i'm going to ask you for recommendations :D :D !

  8. btw i LOVE your curled hair! so sexy~

  9. @thehoneyb: thank you :D

    @siwing: thank you so much, you're so sweet! I know, I can't wait to see him again :D hehe

    @annette: Thank you! I used Barry M's "Shocking"

  10. @Angiepink: thanks love! Idk, I just curled my hair i guess hehe! and yeah.. the pizza was pretty good. I want someeee now! hehe

    @Adeline: thank youuuu

    @Becky: Thank you so much!

    @Angie: Aww thank you! Yes! reunions are the bestest!! I always have fun every time he's here :) & yes, that's the Exploratorium in SF. It was really interesting in there. Actually, me and my BF are into that sort of stuff so if was great. I wish they had more though! And thank you for all the compliments :D

  11. Awwww! I definately see why you'd miss him so much! You had sooo much fun with him!! You both make such a cute couple!! Thanks for sharing all the pics! Love it~!!

  12. Nikki, you and your boy are so cute together !

    I have to admit you are one TOUGH woman to be able to withstand the distance between you both.

    I was saying to Jayv yesterday that when I complain about not seeing him for a week or something .. how you would feel and I have to say you are really inspiring in the sense of how strong you are !



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