September 19, 2010

Meet the new baby of the fam, Chloe`

So, if you lovelies follow me on either my TWITTER or my FACEBOOK  you guys would know that yesterday was my dad's birthday & he found this little puppy inside his work, so he asked if anyone owned her but nothing. Anyways, we decided to take her home since we couldn't stomach just leaving her on the streets like that. Anyways, earlier today we brought her to the vet to get her scanned to see if she had any microchip in her, but nothing. So, right there and then, we decided to keep her. Me and my little sister initially wanted to name her Sunny, since it was a sunny day when we got her (kind cute too since it is contradicting with her color :) But, my mom didn't like the name so she changed it to "Chloe" 

Anyways, we she got her first shots today and she'll have 2 more to go to be funny vaccinated, so she can come play outside. 

She's a super smart dog :) She already poops on the training pad, while Nash still finds it hard to do so. However, Chloe' pees anywhere, while Nash pees on the training pad. So it's kind of like the opposite for the both of them. HAHAHA!

Anyways, enough with the blabbing, I'm sure you all wanted to see pictures instead.

since we didn't know her real birth date, we just decided it'd be the 17th, since we found her yesterday. Also, the vet did say she was about 4 months ^_^
we got her some cute stuff today :)

Nash is so big now :) He's 7 months old today! Happy Birthday Nashy <3

Also, Happy 1 year & 2 months to me & my BF!


  1. Awww..Cute Chloe..^_^..She look so adorable..Awww Nash look big now..

  2. hi!
    nice blog
    maybe you'll visit mine sometime and follow it

  3. @Angie: hehe thanks! she's such a sweet heart! I love her! & Nash is huge now but he got way cuter too <3

  4. @Maryya: Thank you! I'll check out your blog :)

  5. OMG OMG OMG .. She is so cute!

    She must feel so happy right now knowing she is with a very good family compared to being on the streets !



  6. omg she's adorable :D :D :D i love puppies!

  7. @Jahnice: Hehe thank you! I know what you mean :) I'm glad my dad found her too, I would not be able to imagine leaving a cute thing like that on the street to starve & die =( I'm glad she's part of our fam now

    @Angie: thanks! i love love love puppies too <3

  8. Aww, that's cute! Mine pees on the training pad and misses sometimes... but he doesn't poo on the training pad! >.<

  9. awww now you have 2 pups! Chloe is adorable!

  10. @xoladiihoneyxo: Thanks & yeah, my other dog, Nash does the same as your dog. He knows how to pee on the pad but not poop on it haha! And, Chloe` is the opposite.

    @Steph: Thank you! & yeahhh I'm super stoked to have her, too.

  11. awwwwwwwww,, so cuuuuutwe!!! they all look so cute and congratulatios to you and you bf's anni! hehe ^^

  12. Happy Anniversary- your dogs are super cute!

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