September 26, 2010

Battle Royale

Hey loves, sorry I haven't been blogging as often as I used to. It's just like I said, I've been bombarded with exams & projects ever since school started. Anyways, don't worry as I will never NOT blog, because I'm such a blog nerd/ photowhore that I just can't resist. hehe! Anyways, here are some photos from today. This is another one of those picture heavy blog posts. 

Here's what I wore today at church:


My little sister & I (& half of my little brother)

Btw, I just finished watching Prince of Persia. I thought it was quite boring in the beginning but I was wrong, cause towards the middle the action was crazy. It was insane! I loved it! How about you guys? have you seen the movie? if so, what are your thoughts about it? & if not, would you want to see it?


  1. your sister looks like my friend ! LOL...

    lovely outfit, as always!

  2. Gorgeous!!! You're so pretty heheeee...and your hair's growing out pretty fast :D

  3. love ur hair and outfit!! im thinking bout color my hair !! :D

  4. great outfit! so fashionable even at church :)

  5. i LOVE the look :) It looks so easy & casual yet very stylish !!


  6. @siwing: oh really? haha nice & aw thank you!

    @Cyd: aww you're too sweet! thanks love. & I know right? it's long now =/ Im thinking of trimming the back

    @Ipeh: thanks hun! what color are you thinking of dying your hair to?

    @Angie: thanks, girl!

    @Eva: thank you so much

  7. I love it! Where did you get your cardigan?!

  8. You're always dressed so nice for church!! I love your style! I wish I was as fashionable as you. I'm just so damn lazy to dress up every day actually I'm just lazy to dress up. I have nothing to do, no where to go and no one to really impress. The BF doesn't really care. He'll say "yah it looks good" to practically anything just to get me out of the house 5 minutes faster. {*LOL}

    I really like how the tank and cardigan compliment each other in this outfit. Both pieces jump out at me. I want that purse!! purse! Mine mine mine...

    If you can't tell I've been on the hunt for a nice purse but I've been failing miserably. {*BLAH}

    <3s Serena.

  9. Gorgeous! I just noticed we have the same teeth structure c[= but you have a cuter smile!

  10. beautiful!

    Btw what foundation do you wear? (:

    -Sofia xx

  11. @Barttart: Thank u! I got it at Marshalls :)

    @Saranghaeyo: thanks love

    @Serena: Aww thanks so much serenanana! & lol my bf is the same but IDK, I just love dressing up. Even if I wanna go to school in sweats and a hoodie, I can't bare to. idk why? -_-" hahahaha i just feel awkward lol! i just to do that a lot in high school though but idk why I feel weird about it now lol! & I got that purse for just $30 in LA at the fashion dist. It's a Mark Jacobs imitation bag lol

    @Sofia: Thank you! & I use Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation