August 22, 2010

Victory Park Photoshoot (pic heavy)

So, summer is almost over but it still feels as if it just begun. Anyways, me and my little sister (who's taller than me) took our puppy, Nash to PetCo today to get his anal glands cleaned. I know, ekkk right? Anyways, after doing that, we shopped for some treats at the snack bar for our cutie, Nashy :) He's spoiled but good thing he's a smart dog so I guess it's a win-win for the both of us. 

After PetCo, we headed straight to the park near by. There were a lot of parties going on so we went to the spots where they don't have that much people & my sister started taking these pictures ^_^ 

I got the cute shirt from  it's an over sized shirt with a built in chiffon "pancho/scarf" that is a zebra print, and it's pretty cool cause it can be worn both ways :) And as most of you guys know, I am absolutely in love with multipurpose pieces. The shirt is amazingly comfortable & since it's a loose shirt it's a perfect wear even in a hot humid weather.

I'm also rocking the Betsey Johnson jeggings that I purchased a few days ago & of course my favorite shoes to wear Dollhouse peeptoe wedges, along with a few accessories :)

[click photos to enlarge]
my sister & i
nash & my sis

"V" for Victory!!!

photo credits: dianne sison aka my sister



  1. great picss ^^
    like ur shoes!!

  2. I love your shoes!
    What lipstick where you wearing?? It's gorgeous!

  3. Love the top & your wedges!!!

    I LOVE your lip colour too!! What brand is it?

  4. I love the outfit, the boots & jeggings especially! I'm glad you had such a fun day, even though it was somewhat routine. :)

  5. @Ipeh: Thank you :)

    @Becky: Thank you! I'm wearing a Sleek Lipstick in Fuchsia

    @Adeline: thanks girl! & I'm wearing a Sleek lipstick in Fuchsia hehe!

    @The_ed: thank you so much! although it was hot, it is kinda nice outside with some fresh air hehe!

    @xoladiihoneyxo: thank you

  6. Absolutely gorgeous as usual..I love you wedges!!..Awww cute Nash..Look adorable..^_^..

  7. i love multipurpose pieces too! thats why i looove american apparel lol nice post! your pics are always to pretty!

  8. @Nikka: thank you

    @Angiepink: Thanks, hun! :)

    @Mztoots: Aw that's awesome! hi5* I like american apparel shirts :) & I actually have one of their 7 or 8 way dresses. My bf bought it for me, but haven't worn it yet. hehe! & thank you for the sweet compliment <3

  9. i'm loving how you contrasted the drapey shirt with skin tight jeggings and matched the zebra scarf and hat trimming. you are so darn cute and fashionable :)

    ack i was the one who had to clean anal glands as a kennel assistant before xD

  10. Thank you for answering me, Nikki!
    I'll buy that lipstick! It's gorgeous!

  11. Hello my dear, im finally back from my vacation and now im gonna get my ass back to catch up with you guys hahaha oh i love your outfit especially your shoe! it's freaking hot!! how was your summer btw?

  12. hi nikki! i love this outfit, it's so fun! those shoes are awesome, where did you get them? i want them! you and your sister are so pretty too! great pics! :)

  13. Wooooooork it! ;] You are so cute Nikki! I love your shirt! Over-sized shirts are my favorite, lol. & I love how you match with your fedora! So cute =)

  14. i could kill for half your fashion sense lol. i seem to be without it. and nashy got bit!

  15. @Angie: Thanks love, you're too sweet <3333 & OMG!!! really? my bf and his mom does that whole process by themselves, but I get too grossed out & no one in my family want to do it HAHAHAHA!

    @Becky: No problem! I can't wait to see you wear it ^-^

    @Cydia: Welcome back hun! I saw your vids & pictures, seems like you had so much fun! I wanna be able to go on that kind of vacation soon too hehe! Also, thank you so much for your compliments, you're just too sweet! Anyways, my summer was alright it was boring but I'm glad school already started! I missed it so much hehe! Did you start school yet?

    @Liana: thank you, liananana!! <3 I got em at :) You should get one too so we can match ^-^ & thank you thank you!

    @Susie: thank you, beautiful! I know what you mean! I am in love with oversized shirts! I guess you can say that it's asian fashion, but I absolutely love asian fashion, that's for sure.

    @sugarbumpkin: awww no way~ but thank you, love! & I'm sure your fashion sense isn't that bad! You look gorgeous so I'm sure everything looks amazing on you ;) & Also, I know...he got soooo huge! hehe

  16. I am in love with those wedges! They look unbelievably comfortable, am I right? PS nice outfit :)

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