August 24, 2010

Tinting of Hues

Hey loves, here's another unconventional outfit of the day. Here I'm rocking some multicolored Forever 21 dress, a pair of Betsey Johnson floral-mid calf socks & some purple & gold peep toe platform heels.

Also, about the title~ "Tinting of Hues" is like saying Thinking of You but in a silly way because of all the different hues of this look.

Oh! I also learned the real definition of Hues, Tint & Shade. You're probably like WTH? isn't it all the same? Well, it's not! Hues are the same as color but different tints and shades of it. A Shade is the darker hue of a color & a Tint is the lighter hue. For example: The color blue has different hues of blue. Navy blue is a shade of blue while Light blue is a tint of blue :)

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this little color lecture haha! Ok, enough with the blabbing & so here are the pictures :p

[click photos to enlarge]

Here are the shoes ;)

ft. Yagolicious' Night Fall Paint Quad


  1. I love your cute dress hun..Gorgeous..Ahhh..Your high heel absolutely gorgeous..Overall gorgeous..^_^..

  2. @Stephanie: thank you so much & wow! I didn't know it was repackaged 0_0" I just checked the link & you're right, looks the same to me. Hmm... I didn't know

    @Angiepink: thank you so much love, you're too sweet! I actually got those heels for my 21st bday party..almost 3 years ago & I haven't worn it since then, till now. hehe

  3. I really love your makeup that complements the bright colours. Hehe thanks for the terminology lecture - now we know!

  4. aww great makeup + outfit! looks good!

  5. You always have the bestest photos. You're so gorgeous. I lovee the dress! It's really cute

  6. wow your outfit is very colorful! :D I still didn't got the chance to use the quad you sent me! I tried to swatch it and must agree with you, the pigmentation is not really great. =/ I'll make a fotd soon with the items you sent me a million years ago LOL! Promise :D

  7. WOW!!! I love the dress! Its so colorful and so attractive!
    Love the make up and its so unique but beautiful! You're so gorgeous :)

  8. I love that colourful dress!
    & your makeup is perfect, as always (^_^)

  9. thanks for teaching me about shades, tints and hues! :) i love this dress so much and everything else about the outfit. you look great!

  10. that is like a clusterfuck of color but i like it!

  11. love it!!!
    and the shoes iis the make up!

  12. Girl... you pull off the most bold outfits. The dress is so cute. I love all the colors and how it just jumps out at you. You always look amazing in everything.

    That wall decor is really pretty as well. Is that your living room? So modern. I still have Asian pictures hanging around my house. {*hehe} Parents mixed Asian art with European art around the house. Kinda funny but it works.

    I don't know if you ever mentioned this before but what kind of camera do you use? You always have fab pictures.

    Tutorial! Tutorial! When are you going to do more tutorials?!

    <3s Serena.

  13. @Angie: Thanks angie & no problem haha!

    @arsyparsy: Thanks love!

    Cydia:'re too sweet love! thank you soo much! <3

    @Saline: Thank you so much, lovely! Also, I understand what you mean! Looking forward to your review :)

  14. oh hayyy gurr, u single? :P

    hahahaha! hi mexi! :D

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