August 20, 2010

[Review] Graftobian Makeup

Graftobian Makeup Company products include HD or Hi-Def makeup as well as professional cosmetics, fantasy, airbrush & Halloween makeup.

 A few months ago I was sent a couple of items to test & review. However, I had mixed feelings on the palette that they sent me because some were pigmented & some were not as pigmented as the others. Anyways, they approached me again about a couple of months ago to try some of their single eye shadows that includes a loose eye shadow with a built-in cream shadow base on the bottom aka Luster Cream & Luster Powder. They also included a couple of Glitter Glam Liquid Skin Sparkle for me to try.
Here are the eye shadows w/ the liquid skin sparkle

Packaging: ♥♥♥♥♥
 The packaging is pretty convenient since the loose eye shadow is just right above the cream eye shadow base. It is made with a light plastic material, so it's pretty light weight. The only problem I have with the packaging is that, since there is no shifter, when I open the container, all the product gets everywhere. Also, without a shifter, it's really hard to control the amount of product you want. I mean, I do love it but it just gets a bit tedious working with loose eye shadows.

 Here I used Emerald Green & White Opal

Pigmentation: ♥♥♥♥♥
 Indeed the loose powder is very pigmented & there's no denying in that, but the only thing I have against it is that some of the cream base is a bit more watery than some =/ 3 out of 6 (Burgundy Blast, Pulsar Purple & White Opal) of the cream shadow bases are less pigmented than the other 3. I think the most pigmented couple is the Emerald Eclipse. The loose eye shadow is very pigmented on it's own, but when used with the cream shadow base, it makes it look even better. Also, the cream base is perfect, no defects whatsoever! I absolutely love it.

Anyways, I love Graftobian eye shadows but I wish they were more consistent with them & everything were the same & not like one will be good & others will not. It's a bit disappointing that I feel the same as I did before. Like half is good & half is eh! Anyways, as for the loose eye shadows, they are pretty pigmented by themselves, it's just that half of the cream bases were a bit disappointing, that's all. Aside from that, it was all good :)

 here's the liquid skin sparkle :)

It has a nail polish tip applicator inside & the glitters were surprisingly good. They dry up pretty quickly, but once you try to take them off, they come off pretty quickly as well & what's insane is that it goes on everywhere. Haha! It's like it rained glitter! But, you gotta love this product just because it's super sparkly :)

 Anyways, it's not an entirely disappointing review for me because most of them do work and Graftobian is an amazing makeup company that offers a lot to it's consumers. Actually, I was just on their site just a few hours ago & browsing through their products & was immediately drawn to their Setting Sprays and their  Lipsticks. They have a huge selection of colors for their lipsticks that I really want to try, since you all know that I'm such a lipstick obsessed person. Hehe! Anyways, feel free to check them out, they have a lot of products that are pretty affordable for everyone. Also, they have samplers for you to try for a much cheaper price.


  1. these do look very pigmented :) the sparkles are the prettiest glitters i have ever seen ! you should do a look with the opal one :D

  2. wow!!..Those eyeshadow are really pigmented!!..Super gorgeous colors.. As usual I love your EOTD..^_^..

  3. I will definitely look into this.

    I'm loving the glitter!

  4. i love your experimentation with colors on your eyes.

    i would be more than happy to feature you on my blog! i'll let you know when.

    thanks for following!

  5. @Angie: Yeah they are and I'll try to do a look with the sparkles one of these days :D

    @Angiepink: Thanks, Angie!!!

    @Bree: Oh that's awesome :)

    @Cheryl: Thank you so much! Looking forward to hearing it from you :D

  6. Ooo, the colors are awesome! So pretty =)

  7. those shadows are so pigmented! emerald eclipse iss just beautiful!

  8. I gotta try this out. I love all the Graftobia products I've gotten so far (foundation, blush, lipstick and corrector palettes). I've not tried their eye shadows yet. I agree with the other ones, love the glitter!