August 12, 2010

OOTD ft. Layered Skirt from

Hello there my beautiful readers! Sorry I've been MIA for a while now =/ I actually just recovered from food poisoning, cold & a slight fever -_-" Crazy right? I guess this summer just isn't my summer. I mean I hate summer but all the other summers in the past didn't make me feel this way. Tough luck! Anyways, I'm all better now & blogging again. I've missed out on so much, it's insane! hehe! Anyways, I shot these pictures last Sunday, of course! and I'm barely posting them for all of you to see. So hope you guys like it :) Btw, these pictures were shot by my little sister! (She told me to credit her! lmao)

[click pictures to enlarge]

FOTD & newly dyed hair ;)

- Plain V-Neck Tee (White)
-Cut-out Footless Tights
-Mid calf, Open toed Wedges

So, this outfit wasn't really inspired by anything in particular, I just felt like putting it all together & see how it would turn out :) And, I guess, the turn out was pretty good right? What do you guys think?

Anyways, you are all probably wondering where I got this super cute skirt right? Well, I got this skirt at It is a free size so since it fits me, I'm sure it'll also fit someone who's about a sixe XS-M. I'm somewhere in between that I guess.

The material used on this skirt is a light denim. It has a 4 layer pattern & a fully functional front zipper. The waist has elastic bands which means, it is very stretchy. It can be worn high waist or just exactly on the waist depending on your size &/or your preference. It is very comfortable & easy to wash, which is another reason why I love it. It was also sewn very good, as there were no loose strands hanging around.

Anyways, aside from this review, I have actually done an OOTD VIDEO wearing everything on this post. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, it was erased =/ So, I have to re-shoot that video all over again sometime before this week ends. & I'll make sure to post it up :)

FTC: The skirt was sent to me by for review purposes only. I am NOT getting paid to do this review. Everything in this post is 100% of my own honest opinion.


  1. i absolutely love what you're wearing it's so cute on you, and your new dye looks good on you (:

  2. the skirt looks really nice. and you put together the outfit well, I'm loving your glasses!!

  3. I really like that skirt! It's gorgeous!
    And your outfit was awesome (^_^) I love your shoes

  4. @Dirt On The Rocks: Aw thank you so much :)

    @Pop Champagne: Thank you <3 Which glasses? the Nerd glasses or Sun glasses? hehe

    @Becky: Thanks, hun! <3

  5. oh I love the whole look =)

  6. @Amandita: Thanks you :P

  7. super cute! i really love the shades especially.

  8. @Linda: Thanks, love :D I got those shades for only $5 I think? lol they're my favorite pair out of like the 25+ pairs I own. hehe

  9. OMG!! You look gorgeous with that outfit.. I love it..Your FOTD always look great..=)..Keep on posting hun..

  10. Good to know you feel better! I love the skirt!

  11. I'm glad you feel better. :)

    the outfit turned out very cute.


    love the skirt!

  12. sorry to hear about all that mistreatment, love :( it's okay cuz you're better now and looking so fineeee!

    i absolutely love what you've done with this hehe. simple tight tees are a fave, tucked into such a cute ruffle skirt love love love! yay for dyed hair too :)

  13. really loving the outfit <3

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