August 19, 2010

Mode5's Fall 2010 Fashion Line (Lace Harem & Fiona)

- Cotton & Polyester
- Elastic Waist
- Lace Calf
- Machine Washable
- Imported from Korea
I've been wanting harem pants for the longest time & I can say that these are the most comfortable pants I've ever worn. It's very flowy & isn't skin tight, so it's definitely "rock-able" even in the hot, humid summer seasons. 

These particular harem pants reminds me so much of a comfortable lounging sweat pants w/ a mix of chic-ness & elegance, plus black goes along with anything. Also, harem pants are in fashion right now for Fall 2010.

I remember back then, when MC Hammer rocked these sort of old style harem pants & were used to be called "Parachute pants" or something like that. Back then, I used to think it was tacky & weird, but now that they brought it back, I can actually say that I'd totally rock any kind of harem pants there is. Not only is it super stylish but it adds pizazz to the whole outfit.
The elastic waist band is perfect for all sizes of women. It can also be worn a bit higher on the waist or lower on the hip, depending on how you want your outfit to flow. It's wide on the top half and gets narrower on the bottom half, having a tapered calf. The gathered elastic lace detailing is a very nice touch as well. It accentuates a slimmer and much longer legs. It can also be worn in 2 different ways. By pulling the lace part up to your calf wearing it like a capri or something like that, it gives you a more casual look to it. And by letting it flow down naturally and pairing it with some nice sleek pumps, it gives your legs a more elongated illusion as well as a more chic/ trendy look.

 - 100% Cotton
- Scoop Neck
- Sleeveless
- Hand wash only
- Imported from Korea
- Also available in Navy/White
Yes, this Fiona Dress is exactly like a regular tank top, but longer. However, what's great about this dress is that it hugs every curve in your body, it may be good and bad at the same time, I guess. But it gives you that hour glass figure that you've been yearning for.
This dress is perfect for short & tiny people like me because the stripes of this dress gives your body an illusion of having more length vertically. 

I also love the color blocking aspect of this dress because it gives it more dimension, plus it's right up the alley for Summer & Fall 2010 fashion trends. The scoop neckline is perfect for big and bold jewelry to add as a focal point. 
One thing I noticed though, is that the fabric is a bit on the lighter side than heavy/ thick, so beware of undergarment lines. It's best if you wear a slip underneath or wear a thong & non bulky bras to prevent those unnecessary lines. It's not that big of a deal though because I wore it as is & didn't have much problems with it :)

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  1. love the harem pants!!

  2. OMG!! I love Fiona Dress..absolutely gorgeous.. You look gorgeous as usual hun..^_^..

  3. i love my harem pants as well :) i looove your shoes, omg woman.

  4. Nikki, you hot stuff<3. I love that dress, it's freaking CUTE as hell!

  5. your bright colour combo is awesome! the harem pants really suit you :) i really like the fiona dress too - you're so curvy :D

  6. @Sharon: I love em too :D hehe

    @Angiepink: Thanks girl, the dress is very nice :D

    @Raeeemarie: Oh that's awesome :) I want to get more harem pants in different styles ;) and thank you :)

    @Susie: Hahahaha! you're too sweet..thanks, Susie.

    @Angie: Thanks, Angie & LOL! I'm anything but curvy. Although, I do wish I was a bit more curvy hehe

  7. I love your first outfit!
    & OMG! That booties are just wonderful!!

  8. you look awesome! it takes a certain person to rock a style like that.

  9. WOW your Blog is amazing
    and yout Style gergous


  10. @Becky: aww you're so sweet! thank you so much! & i love them too hehe!

    @Linda: awwwww thank you so much! it means a lot :)

    @Sera Alabi: thank you :D and thank you for being my new follower :)

  11. nikki! what size did you get for the lace harem pants? there's only a size medium left and im wondering if thats too big since im an US 3 and according to the chart on the side, a medium is a size 6!

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