August 5, 2010

Mode-5's Fall 2010 Line + Updates

[click to enlarge]

Hey beauties, I'm so excited to let you all know that Mode-5 has recently launched some of our Fall line for 2010. 

I am really loving the chic yet laid back look for this coming season so I'm totally digging the corset on the second picture & the harem pants on the 3rd pic. :) What do you guys think?

For those of you guys who follow me on twitter you guys know that I've tweeted numerous times about wanting some harem pants because they are such a huge trend this coming fall. So, finally! I've found the perfect ones! Look how cute they are. I definitely want to rock these modernized MC Hammer pants! lol!

I absolutely love the lace detailing on the bottom cuffs & looks super comfy since it's made out of cotton & polyester material.

Anyways, there's more coming in & soon, we'll have all our Fall line out for all of you to see :) Also, don't forget to take advantage of my 25% discount code, exclusively for my readers, subbies and friends only. Simply enter the code "NikkiSentMe" at the checkout to receive a 25% off discount with your total purchase. Please don't miss this great opportunity, because 25% is a whole lot if you think about it & We're only offering this just for you guys ♥

Also, you guys know that I write for Mode-5 under the "fashionista" section. So, to make it easier for you guys to comment or ask about anything fashion or beauty related, I have made a Mode-5 formspring. Anyways, feel free to ask questions, etc.


I have also put up the formspring box on the right side bar for your convenience :) Looking forward to answering your questions!!!


  1. really like those harem pants they're so cute!

  2. I actually just purchased a few harem pants at yesstyle! I love these pants too!!! I hope you get what you are looking for.

    I'm having a giveaway, check it out when you get the chance =)

  3. Those harem pants are cute !!

  4. Love that clothing

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