August 1, 2010

FOTD + OOTD & Review ft.

I'm wearing Geo Nudy Brown lenses with a simple eye makeup
silly face :3

OOTD: 08/01/10


Whole outfit courtesy of sells trendy Asian clothing for an affordable price. They are based in Malaysia, but don't let the distance discourage you from purchasing from them because they ship via FedEx which means, your order will get to you the same week you order it. I actually got mine within 3-4 days which is why I was so amazed. I mean, come to think that they ship from all the way to Malaysia to California in less than 5 days. Ahh~ I was blown away. I mean there are other online stores out there that takes at least 2 weeks to even deliver. Which at times can be a bit disheartening. They ship international too, with a low flat rate of $9.90 for orders under $150 and for orders more than $150, it's FREE express shipping :D Anyways, here is my outfit of the day (OOTD) featuring clothing.

* Striped Satin Shirt + Brooch (Cream)
- Free Size
- Available in White & Cream
- Details: Gold buttons, Bow Brooch, Pin Stripe Pattern, Elastic Cuffs & Hem

Overall Thought: I really really love this shirt, it's super comfortable & it keeps me cool in this insanely hot summer day! I love the little cute detailing on it as well. I can say that it's very well made & good for it's price. I am in love with this shirt! Makes me feel like I'm the 10th member of SNSD. lmaooo!!! jk ;)

* Shorts with Suspenders (Gray)
- Free Size
- Details: Front pleats, side pockets, military style, emblem designed buttons, cuffed hem, elastic waist

Overall Thought: These shorts are the bomb diggity! I am so in love with them because you can practically wear it with any top and make it look different every single time. I have nothing bad to say about this particular garment. The quality is very good as well, everything is well sewn together. It's a two thumbs up for me!

FTC: Products were sent to me for review purposes only. I am not affiliated nor am I being compensated for doing this review. Everything in this post is a 100% my own honest opinion. What may work for me, may not work for you, so please use/ purchase at your own discretion.


  1. Gorgeous EOTD..You always look gorgeous no matter what eyeshadow you wear..I love you short!!..

  2. aww pretty makeup and i love this outfit! it's so cute casual : ) my fave is the shirt hehe reminds me of airplanes! ooo i did a fotd with the lipgloss you sent me! i put on a tiny tiny amount and it's more wearable :D will do an elaborate post on it later

  3. This whole look is gorgeous! Love it!

  4. @Angiepink: Thanks hun! <333 I love the shorts too, glad you like it as well.

    @Angie: Thanks, girl <3 and I know what you mean, either a stewardess, a waitress, salor or bowler HAHAHA! Also, I commented your blog post! you look gorg with the gloss on :D Rockin' it well!

    @Yuri: Thank you!!

  5. Omg those shorts are so cute T___T
    Lmao, omg! I have stretch marks on my butt too! That's what I was talking about lmfao!! -____- I kind of hate wearing bikini's 'cause of that! Bleh.

    I haven't seen WGM lately :( I'm waiting for the shows I haven't watched to start playing on my TV since it's kind of late. They were just playing the episode when Jo Kwon & GaIn bungee jumped on Saturday, lol. I need to catch up :( I saw them on We Got Married & I think they said that they may date after the show ends! :D

  6. Love that oufit!

  7. nudy series really looks good on you!!

  8. Can I just kidnap you and keep you as my personal make up artist and overall stylist puh puh puhlease?!?!! Thanks. =]

    NIKKI-EEEEEEEEE!! Oh how I miss theeee. Work is taking way too much of my time. I'm always burnt out when I get off and I just hate staring at the computer once I get home. Especially since I have a crappy computer. {*LOL}

    anywayysss.... This is a totally cute outfit. Loving all the neutral eyes recently. I think your hair cut was perfect for the summer time. You're so freaking adorable in your goof off photos. AHHHH!!! ^.^ I've been following every single of your posts but sucky with commenting. =\ I'm sneaking in blogging on my phone at work right now. {*heehee} I really like the gold detailing on that shirt and your hair accessory is a fab touch. I need to shop where you shop... or atleast shop with you to get your opinion. =P missed yoohh!!

    <3s Serena.

  9. Yeahh.. I just reread my comment and I'm everywhere!! The neutral was about your make up... HHahaah I guess it can apply to your clothes too but I thought I'd just clarify that. I really like how circle lenses look. Just sucks that I have astigmatism. I'd totally buy them if it weren't for the fact they might me wasted if I can't wear them. =\ bugger.

    If my comments are all over the place it's probably becuase I'm using my phone and can't reread what I write before I post it. {*pwuahahaha!} so you shall have to bare with my randomness from now on. =]

  10. cute clothes!! im gonna check out that website!!

  11. Aggh, you pulled of 'em shorts perfectly! I have tried those types of shorts in the past, but for some odd reason---I always just look like I'm rockin' adult diapers, hahaha. But you look good, hun. It's nice to see you model outfits!

    And I never knew you were from Cali. That's neat! For some reason, I just thought you were a NYC kinda chick. Since you're so fashionable and all :p

  12. nice lenses and outfit, nikki!

    as expected from you!
    way to go! :)

  13. love the look.

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