August 14, 2010

EOTD + Alima Pure E/S Review + Love Package from UK

Hello my beautiful readers!
Hope everyone is doing well! I'll be starting school this coming Monday & I'm really excited :) I'll be taking 3 fashion classes in our fashion program. WHOO HOO!

Anyways, aside from school...I've been busy & sick all this summer which stinks butt, but I'm all better now. But yeah, so today I woke up with a nice surprise :) I recently had a swap with fellow blogger/ friend, Lydia Kim :) She got me soo much, it's crazy! & I can't believe it got to me within a week. Anyways, I'll be sending your package this monday! Sorry, it's a bit late...just didn't have time this week =/ But yeah, I loved everything since you guys probably know that I'm such a lipstick junkie ^_^
everything came in good condition except for only 1 MUA eye shadow that shattered, so I had to throw it away. But everything else was great :D I'm so pleased!!!

Anyways, thank you so much, Lydia <3 you're the sweetest!!!

Ok, so moving on, here's my EOTD from yesterday. I'm also wearing colored contact lenses from I got the Adore Bi-tone gray. & no! they're not circle lenses hehe!

Also, here's my upcoming post :) just giving you guys a quick sneak peek! What do you guys think?


Alima Pure Cosmetic's sent me 4 samples of their eye shadows a month ago & I haven't really been able to review them until now. Anyways, here are the swatches:

here are the sample jars
Here are the swatches with different finishes

- Jacquard is a matte creme colored eye shadow with tiny flecks of gold
- Brocade is a matte gray (not sky blue as it shows on the picture)
- Tulle is a frost gold color
- Velvet is a matte deep purple

Overall: The colors were really great & pigmented. However, the only difficult thing about using loose pigments is the fact that their would be more fallout that pressed shadows. But the great thing about Alima Pure eye shadows is that it's not only mineral but also uses natural ingredients, which is always great. They have variety of colors and finishes. They also have a nice variety of colors & finishes for blushes, which I would love to try. Also, they offer sample sizes just like the ones I got and sell them for only $1 so if you weren't sure about the brand and want to give their eye shadows a try, then, go ahead & visit


  1. wow, thats a lot,
    luv it

  2. You're starting school already!? I don't start for another 2 weeks! I wish I was excited to start school like you D: hahahaha<3.

    I love your eyes :D Those eyelashes are really pretty! I love your style Nikki :)

  3. Wow!!..I love your package..Great hauls..=)..Your EOTD always gorgeous as usual..

  4. Ooh! Lots of stuffies here!

  5. aww yay for swap! hehe i finally found all my stuff in boxes after moving again and i'm trying to gather some stuff to send to you :D


    i love those contacts on you! they look great with the cool colours shadows. glad you're starting school sooon i can't wait to be back too

    digging those harem pants on you!

  6. What a lot of makeup!
    I love your outfit and the lenses (^_^)

  7. got soo much stuff!! *jealousssy* lol

  8. OoOo SLEEK! Mans... I still need to get my hands on some Sleep products. I must find it! MUST!!! Though I am on a secret buy ban this month. Secret because I don't know how well I'll keep it. {*LMAO!}

    Your make ups is OoOoHhHh MYyyyyy GooOooShHhH!! Like always. DO MY MAKE UP!!! OH OH!! Have you thought of doing a make up tutorial on youtube?! I think that would be AWESOME.

    Lucky lucky... you get to go to school. I miss school now. I wish I went to fashion school. Sounds like so much fun. I'd love to model your clothes one day... better yet own some of your clothes. Yes I'd love to own some items from your line one day. =]

    Are those the pants you were talking about from Mode in your previous post? Great outfit. {*GAHHH} You're so stylish. I wish I was as stylish as you... Some day. =p

    <3s Serena.

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