August 19, 2010

Betsey Johnson Mini Haul, OOTD + FOTD, Singing Vid!

Hey guys, this will be a quick post. Not a lot of words or photos, but hope you guys still like it :D

here's my mini haul from Ross <3
Betsey Johnson jeggings & 3 pairs of mid calf socks

here's my EOTD on my first day of school. I've been loving these color combinations lately thats why :D

 NOTW (Nail Of The Week)
Lydia sent these "17" nail polishes :) love em!

FOTD w/ super volumized hail hehe!
OOTD ft.



  1. ooo i've been thinking about trying out jeggings. i wonder if they'll just look crazy on my fat thighs xD

    your eotd is so gorgeous! those colours are so mysterious and sexy on you, love love love it! your hair colour is also showing up quite well :) great dye job!

  2. Gorgeous FOTD and EOTD as usual..Awww cute socks..Oh my I love your outfit..^_^..

  3. wow nice eyes! you pull off the boldest looks i love your style!

  4. Great makeup! You're an artist!
    I love your outfit too (^_^)

  5. Ooh, you're so stylish! XD

  6. love the nail color and crazy cool phone case! I'm seriously in love with it. the outfit is adorbz too :)

  7. @Angie: Pssh girl, what fat thighs? you gotta be kidding me me lol anyways, I'm sure you'll look great, rocking some jeggings ;) go for it!!

    & thank you thank you for all the nice compliments <3

    @AngiePink: aww thanks love!

    @mztootz: aww you're amazing, thank you!

    @Becky: You're too sweet hun, thank you so much

    @~Lisa: Thank you :D

    @Taryn: thank you! & I got the case in LA's fashion district for only $10. cheap eh? hehe! it's great! no rhinestones have fallen so far :D

  8. wauw, i totally like the first outfit =D

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  10. @Elisa Lee: Thank you so much :)

    @ Anonymous: Please email me at & we can talk about it there :)

  11. These are great looking Betsey Johnson clothing and apparel! I love wearing her stuff, they are just so stylish!

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