August 1, 2010

8 Question Tag (tagged by: Kim & Angie)

Hello there my lovelies,

how are you all doing today? How's your summer going so far? As for me, since most of you know that I hate summer, all I really did was stay indoors most of the time. I've been light headed, nauseated, sick, etc because of the insanely hot weather =/ Gah! I can't wait till Fall comes. Anyways, aside from the summer rant, I wanna let you guys know that I'll be starting my Fall Semester soon. I can't wait :) Also, I got in the 3rd class that I wanted to take. I was previously on the waiting list for it, but I finally got it! Whoo hoo! I'll be taking fashion classes as usual :) I'll be taking, Product Analysis, Trend Forecasting & Retailing Fashion & Interiors. Ahh~ I can't wait to go back to school, but I'm not looking forward to walking under the hot hot sun =/ boo hoo! haha! I know, I'm such a summer hater! hahah! Oh well!!

Anyways, enough about the blabbing part.

So, Angie aka Pandahillia & Kim aka Makeup By Kim Porter tagged me for the 8 question tag, so instead of only answering 8 questions, I will be answering 16 because both of them have different questions. Anyways, I feel so cool that I was tagged 2x! Thank you so much ladies <3 Ok, so let's begin!


1.  What are you looking forward to doing most this summer?
- Umm, I don't really like summer all that much, so maybe umm..going back to school. Haha! I know, nerd status ;)

2.  If you could be anything you wanted (besides your current job) what would it be?
- I wanna be either a buyer for a retail company or a fashion magazine editor or a pro MUA

3.  Makeup in the summer? If so, what?
It's kinda funny because ever since summer came, I just stuck with neutrals and simple eye makeup rather than crazy-fun colors, that I usually do. Hm, maybe the heat just doesn't inspire or motivate me to do more bolder eye makeup. However, I do use a bit of a brighter lipstick to pull everything together.

4. What’s your favorite beauty product of all time?
- I must say, my LUSH Fresh Farmacy face soap. It's my bff, and I'm sure most of you knew that already. haha!

5.  What your idea of a perfect vacation?
- It could be anywhere and everywhere as long as the people I love are with me (ie. my family & bf) Although, I must say, a perfect vacation for me consist lots of relaxation time, tons of good food, bargain shopping/haulage, and good weather.

6.  What’s your all-time favorite girl’s night out?
- To be honest, I'm not much of a party girl whatsoever. I'm pretty much a loner! LOL! haha! nah, but really, I love staying at home, watching tv, going online, sleeping and eating. Some of you guys might think, "WTH? SERIOUSLY?? YOU'RE WEIRD" Well, IDK I guess I'm just a home-body kinda gal. I mean, nothing's wrong with that, right?

7.  What’s your favorite shoe style (heels, flats, sneakers, pumps, peep-toe etc)?
- I love love any kind of heels. May it be a peep toe, boots, booties, pumps, platforms, ankle, mid-calf boots, etc. I also like insane looking ones that catches peoples eye.

What's funny is that, I enjoy standing out but I hate the attention that people give. Like when people stare at you and shit, ugh! I hate that. lol! Like whenever I wear those multicolored mid-calf boots that I love, people always look at my boots first then scan me. UGH! seriously? hahah! But, after awhile I got used to it and took all those stares as a compliment or, "maybe they wished they could rock it as hard as I could" haha! yeah, those kind of mentality. BAD ASS huh?

8.  What is your ideal birthday?
- Nothing too grand, like I said previously, I love anything and everything as long as I'm with my loved ones :D I may not be a simple girl, fashion wise but I'm a very simple minded person. My happiness isn't to have a crazy and grand party with hundreds of people that I might not even know, but just to be with the closest people in my life even if it's just over a simple dinner or what have you.


1.) What is the prettiest packaging you've ever seen?
- I really like Etude House's packaging & also Castle Dew's. Ok, this question is just too hard. There too many amazing & lovely packaging out there. hehe! Most especially, Asian cosmetics :)

2.) Makeup shades/ colors that you love to death & those you avoid?
- I like color as well as neutral shades so there isn't really anything that I would want to avoid. I like to experiment and play with colors ;)

3.) What's a secret talent of yours?
- Hm, secret eh? I really can't think of any right now haha!

4.) You just won a million dollars, what do you do with it?

- donate to various charities in different third world countries, Buy my parents a nice  house, Buy my BF his lambo (lol!) and the rest will be saved up for my future :D & maybe a little bit of shopping, mwhahaha!

5.) Would you rather have a perfect skin or bigger cup size?
- Perfect skin, hands down!

6.) Favorite fashion trends or describe your fashion style:
- I'm really into shorts & skirts right now. Shorts that look unusual, that even some people might not wear, but I totally would. hehe! or skirts with zippers in the center & pockets on each side. I am also currently digging, Harem pants aka parachute pants, I hella wanna rock those for real ^_^

7.) What are your favorite snacks?
- Anything and everything!

8.) If you could describe your life's philosophy, what would it be?
- It would be, ALWAYS DARE TO BE DIFFERENT,  DON'T GIVE UP & LIVE IT UP! haha! I just made that up lmao!

Ok, so now for my 8 questions for the people I tagged:

1.) Who are your biggest influences/ inspirations?
2.) What are you most insecure about?
3.) If you were given the chance to marry anyone you want in the world, who would it be?
4.) What would you chose, money or love? & why?
5.) Who is your favorite fashion designer?
6.) What do you think of fashion, in general?
7.) What is your own perception of beauty?
8.) If you were to die today, what is something important you want to do before you die?

People I tag:

- Liana
- Susie
- Ha
- Cydia
- Sam
- Angie
- Janice
- Lisa
- & anyone else who wants to do it, feel free!


  1. Great post! (^_^)

  2. Hehe, I'm doing it now :P

  3. Oh wow! Thanks babe .. totally didn’t expect to be tagged for this! I will do a post about this when I get home tonight ^____________^