July 13, 2010

[Review] Heidi Yi Cosmetics --pic heavy

Heidi Yi is an Australian born Korean, who is both a professional makeup artist & also an author of  the "Pro Makeup by Heidi Yi" an Australian book that gives you tons of amazing makeup tips & tricks. Heidiyi.com is based in Australia. However, I believe, they ship internationally as well. Another thing I love about her cosmetic products is that, they don't test on animals, which is a huge thing for me. Also, another thing that I love is that she's an Asian woman. Not to sound racist or anything, but I just feel like she understands Asian skin tones much better because she's one, herself. Also, the fact that she has 13 years under her belt as a professional MUA, relieves me because she knows what she's doing. She has also won several beauty related awards & nominations.

Anyways, here are some of the goodies that Heidi sent me. She is a crazy woman for spoiling me with so much goods from her line.

I opened her package & saw all these goodies. I'm surprised on how much she sent me! Thank you so much, Heidi.

Here's the swatches to everything:

[click the links to be directed to the product]

1.) Warm Beige Foundation
2.) Medium Beige Foundation
3.) Sunkiss Bronzer
4.) Sunshine Bronzer
5.) Frosted Plum Blush
6.) Matte Apricot Blush
7.) Frosted Berry Blush
8,9,10.) Concealer Trio

Foundations: ♥♥♥♥♥
I love these foundations because they match my skin tone so well. It's amazing how Heidi was able to pick out the foundations that matched my skin. Although, I use these foundations over my liquid foundation, it does the job of making my face matte & smooth the whole entire time. Sometimes, I have this foundation on for 5-10 hours & never did it cake on me or anything. I love how these foundations have yellow & olive under tones to them. Very perfect for darker Asian skin :)

Blushes: ♥♥♥♥
These blushes are pretty amazing as well. Frosted Plum & Frosted Berry are of course, frosted & really shimmery but not as pigmented as the Matte Apricot. I love all three blushes because they are all different in some yet most ways. All 3 gives you that nice glow that's perfect for everyday wear. However, my all time fave is definitely the Matte Apricot mainly because I'm into matte blushes. I love the dewiness these blushes give your skin.

Bronzers: ♥♥♥♥♥
The Sunkiss bronzer is a bit too dark for my already "tanned"skin, so I didn't use it that much. However for those who want that "I just sun-tanned for a few mins on the beach" look, then this bronzer is perfect for you. However, the Sunshine bronzer is just right for my skin tone. I love how it's not too dark or too light. I can actually even use this as blush to give my skin that bronzy glow.

Heidi also was nice enough to include this 119 page; makeup guide book that was written by her. I actually really like it because it gives you a lot of tips & tricks when it comes to makeup, makeup application to enhance your features & makeup for different skin tones. I love it because I learn a lot from this little book :)

Heidi also sent me some nail goodies from her Ebay.

Concealer Trio: ♥♥♥
This Concealer Trio is actually very beneficial for me because not only does it have 3 different shades, it is also very bendable which helps you create the perfect concealer for your shade. It has light, medium & dark shade for all skin tones. This is also very nice to carry when I have makeup gigs because unlike my 15 piece concealer palette, this one is compact which makes it easier for me to carry it everywhere. I can even carry this thing in my makeup bag. The consistency of this concealer is really light, not as thick as the MAC's Studio Finish that I normally use, it is a bit watery but dries up well. I actually really like the consistency of this concealer than my MAC. However, the coverage is light-medium, unlike MAC's which is full coverage. But, what's great about this concealer is that, I'm pretty sure you can build up the product and make it a full coverage concealer.

Heidi is just super sweet & even included this super cute blingged out kabuki brush & this Blush/Bronzer Flat top Brush. Although, I must say, I really love the bligged out kabuki brush more than the blush/bronzer brush. The kabuki brush is not only cute, but it is way softer than the blush/bronzer brush. I actually use the kabuki brush to apply my mineral foundation.

Pictures of me wearing the products

Products used: 
Heidi Yi Mineral Foundaton (Warm Beige), Bronzer (Sunshine), Concealer, Blush (Frosted Berry)
Products Used:
Heidi Yi Mineral Foundation (Warm Beige), Bronzer (Sunshine), Concealer, Blush (Matte Apricot)

These items were sent to me by Heidi, herself for review purposes only. I am not getting paid to do this review nor am I affiliated with the company. What may work for me, may not work for you, so please use at your own discretion.


  1. Beautiful! :D... Makes me want to try the mineral foundation!

  2. @Ange: I really love her line. Particularly her mineral foundation. It's absolutely amazing & I'm not just saying that.

  3. I love the matte apricot blush!! :)

  4. The blushes look great on you:D

  5. Loving the swatches!:D Enjoy your goodies!:D

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  6. nikki you're so cute! that makeup looks great on you, as always! :)

  7. great products and mini reviews :D i really love those chanel nails she sent!

  8. Your looks are always amazing!