July 9, 2010

[Review] Glamour Doll Eye Shadows

Hey lovlies,
Anyways, here's yet another review :) This time it's on Glamour Doll Eye Shadows. So if you guys didn't know, Glamour Doll Eyes actually give blogger & youtube gurus the opportunity to test out their products for review purposes. The only thing is you have to apply and meet the requirements. Anyways, I applied for the "One Time Review" & I was then contacted by, Vee and she asked me to pick 6 shadows for my review. Anyways, some of you might know about them and some of you might not, so here's a quick FYI on what the company is all about.

About Glamour Doll Eyes:
Glamour Doll is an eye shadow company that strives to bring you fashionable and unique colors to strut your stuff! Our eye shadows are great for any age! All of our ingredients are made from earth minerals. The main ingredients we use are Magnesium Stearate, Zinc Oxide, Kaolin Clay and Methicone Treated Titanium Dioxide. All of the colors we use in our eyeshadow s are FDA approved for eyeshadow use.

Anyways, here are the eye shadows that I had picked out.
Veteran, Ladies Night, Chocoholic, Royal Assassin, Pinky Swear & Jailhouse Jumpsuit
Pretty innovative names, I must say ^_^

Here are more pictures of the eye shadows (clear)

- Veteran: Shimmery dark blue with a purple undertone
- Ladies Night: Matte black (has obvious blue flecks)
- Chocoholic: Shimmery brown
- Jailhouse Jumpsuit: Shimmery bright yellow-orange
- Pinky Swear: Shimmery pink with a purple undertone
- Royal Assassin: Matte plum (has obvious opal flecks)

Here is the make over pic of my sister that I did a couple of months ago.
In this picture, I used Veteran for the lids, Pinky Swear for the top half of the crease & Ladies Night, on the top of Veteran.

As you can see, the eye shadows are very very pigmented. And they just sparkle like diamonds <3

Overall thought:
The Jailhouse Jumpsuit, & the Pinky Swear apply more sheer unlike the rest of the eye shadows (however, they are still very buildable) I love those two colors for summer time. However, it doesn't show as vibrant on my skin because I'm a bit tanned, so I was thinking maybe these colors would look great on someone who has a bit of a lighter complexion than me. Chocoholic is a nice shade of brown, it almost has that coppery feel to it that is also really nice for this season, especially if youre trying to achieve the "bronzed look." Royal Assassin, Ladies Night & Veteran are my favorites out of the bunch. Royal Assassin and Ladies Night are matte eye shadows with a more obvious flecks of glitter. I feel like both have a less finer feel to them unlike the the other 4. I think out of all of the shadows, Veteran is the most pigmented out of all 6. Although, all 6 are very well pigmented, I just find myself more drawn to Veteran because of its rich, bold, blue color. Anyways, overall, I love love GDE they have a wide selection of colors to chose from. They have very pigmented e/s and little goes along way, trust me.

*Disclaimer: These items were sent to me at no cost, for review purposes only. I applied at http://glamourdolleyes.com to be able to receive this one time review set. I am not affiliated nor am I getting paid to do this review. Everything that is said in this post is purely my own honest opinion. What may work for me may not work for you, so please use at your own discretion.


  1. those look like really great shadows :) great review, nikki!

  2. Gorgeous colours! Really bold, I love them! =)

  3. It seems that they have good quality.
    Great review!

    & I love that look.



  5. I like the colors...a littl etoo much glitter for me


  6. I've been eyeing their lines for a while.
    Great choices and review nikki!

  7. love love love veteran.
    thank you for letting us know that you can sign up to try their stuff if you meet the requirements. i always wondered about those things because usually people say "i was approached by xxxx company"

  8. nice review the colors really pop.. they really look nice i def need to get my hands on some

  9. veteran and royal assassin looks GORGEOUS

  10. ooh looks like fun colors to play with. i'm barely getting/testing out pigments as i've never done them before.. so might look into these! :)

    and of course - wanted to let you know that i've tagged you!

  11. {*oOoOooo AhHhh!!} very nice... Sooo when are you going to have a makeover party?! I'd love to get my make up done by you. Your sisters makeup looks amazing. I think I commented on that post as well.

    Mad crazy skills. You're going to become known. I can feel it. You're skills and creativity is just wow! I really love the way you experiment with colors and different looks.

    I feel so detached from the blogging world. Makes me so sad. {*sigh} i'm trying my best to keep up though! Thanks for this amazing review. I really like the black with blue glitter. Reminds me of a moons reflection on the ocean.
    I don't know why BUT it just does.

    How are you able to post so often?! Props! Props!

    <3s Serena.

  12. Amazing eyeshadows! I've never heard of that brand before, thanks for the review x

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