July 4, 2010

OOTD Vid & "Photoshoot" + June Product Faves

Happy Fourth of July, America!!!

Hope everyone had/ is having a wonderful 4th of July. Since my family is so Asian-ized, we don't really celebrate 4th of July. However, I have been to a couple of firework shows in my city's downtown area (& considering where I live, it's nothing too exciting to get your panties in a wad <-- LOL!)

Anyways, here are some of my pic heavy & now, video heavy post! MWHAHA!

My baby, Nashy is so big now & he's only 4 months old. (gahh, time flies by so quick!)

Here's my OOTD ^-^
it's very summery, I love it! but I hate summer! lols!!!


June Product Faves :)


  1. dang, girl.

    i remember that dress ;D

  2. Gorgeous dress hun..You look cute wearing that dress.. Cute little Nashy..^_^..

  3. i really like the dress! i love that mbd mask, too! <3 Rina

  4. cuteeeeee outfit! i love love love this :D hehe! ahaha i like your face in the screenshot for the last vid

  5. oh wow thats super cute! you look like a country loli!

  6. Pretty dress and the dog is sooo cute! x

  7. awww Nash <3 he has some long limbs! Definitely a chihuahua mix in him. Nickel, our full grown is super tall for a dog lol