July 25, 2010

OOTD + A LOT OF PICS! + Video that I watched over 20 times

Here's my OOTD!
I'm rocking a Zipper Ruched Tunic by Aryn K from http://messesofdresses.com/ 

Also, I would like to let you guys know that Messes Of Dresses is offering FREE shipping on all orders. If that isn't a great deal, I don't know what is. hehe!


Here's my FOTD & EOTD
simple neutral eye makeup ;)


Here's the makeup make over I did for my little sister. She wanted me to do her make up for her Senior pictures. So here's the simple look I gave her :)

And, lastly...I'll leave you with a video that sends shivers down my spine again & again. It's crazy!!! I've seen this video over and over and over since last night! Ahh~!! and never did it get tiring for me! wahh! crazy vocals!

I love Charice!!!


  1. Nikki!!! You are such a sweetheart :D I'm going to email you all the details hahahaha

    I love that dress on you! It makes you look super tall and it's perfectly paired with those orange lips! Love :D So chic! Awww you did such pretty makeup for your sis - she's so lucky to have you! Haha I don't think I even wore much makeup for my senior pictures xD I didn't know how lol

    You're the best sweetie!

  2. You look gorgeous on that pics.
    And you did a pretty good job with your sister, you are an artist.


  3. such a cutie puppy ^^
    and love ur outfit!
    iLove Charice too :D she´s so goood :D

  4. I love the look and your hair!<33

  5. I love your OOTD..Gorgeous.. Your FOTD and your sister makeup are super gorgeous as always..^_^..

  6. i love your outfit when you were walking Nash ! esp those shoes !! ^^

  7. Great outfit and makeup!!

    And you're right! That video sent shivers down my spine too! Amazing vocals! Even though I didn't understand a thing or what they're doing but wow!


  8. you look so pretty here!

    i love your hat :P

  9. you're so cute nikki! i love that zippered dress...and your haircut is awesome!

  10. Omg nikki that dress is amazing! Looks so good! Omg I can't wait to come america next year, you guys are so lucky with clothing, shoes etc ..

    I really like your EOTD, honestly I would love to have you do a makeover on me like you did with your sister haha :)))

    Mmmmm your puppy is so so so cute!!! What mix ???


  11. @Angie: Aww I'm glad you got it :) haha and liked it ^-^ I read your email & I will reply soon hehe! Also, thank you so much! You're such a sweetie! <33

    @Becky: Thanks hun! <3

    @Abby M: Thank you so much & aww that's awesome! I'm such a fan! even though she's younger than me, she's such an inspiring person. I love her voice & her beautiful personality.

    @Lucy: Thank you!

    @Angie: Thanks, Angie! you're too kind

    @Siwing: thank you! :)

    @~Lisa: Thank you :) & aww same here! I saw it more than 20 times!! And, it never cease to amaze me. ahh! hehe! i love it! I could understand some parts of it but not everything. My korean only goes so far lol

    @Sophia: thank you! hehe! that hat is old hehe!

    @Liana; thank you, Lianananana!

    @Janice: Aww! well, I'm sure there are some cute stuff there in Australia too! I actually have family over in NSW & I wanna be able to visit them & of course the country. hehe! Also, thank you! you're too kind with the compliments. If you're ever in California, hit me up & I'll do a makeover for you ;) hehe!! & my puppy is a PomChi (Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix)

  12. i love the first outfit best! it looks so easy and laid back :3

  13. dam I wish I had an older sister who did my makeup in high school. my senior portrait is HORRIBLE. hahahaha lucky for your sis!