July 15, 2010

Michael Todd Review & ELF Haul Video

So a few weeks ago, I have received a package from the Michael Todd Cosmetics. Anyways, I was very pleased at first glance. All the products came in these cute plum and silver packaging and everything was very well pigmented. However, maybe it's the colors that I wasn't too fond off. [READ FOR MORE DETAILS]

Here's everything together
Packaging is very cute with its plum colored containers. However, since it's made of plastic (I believe?) it doesn't seem as durable, in my opinion.

Everything Stick is very pigmented, even the Everything Stick and the creme glace were surprisingly pigmented as well. The Everything Stick is pretty self explanatory. You can use it for your cheeks, lips, eyes. However, I really don't like using creme blushes so I don't use this for my cheeks. This is a nice eye shadow base though, but my eye lids tend to get a bit oily so it doesn't last me very long unless I put on a good eye primer that keeps it in place. As for the consistency, it's very creamy & really buildable. Not digging it as much I would like to, but the product seems very promising.
1.) Everything Stick in "Belle"
2.) Creme Glace in "Disco"
3.) Lipstick in "Satisfaction"
4.) Lipstick in "Affection"

This lipstick is very pigmented yet sheer, all at the same time. Although its very buildable, I am not too fond of this lipstick because I'm not really a "frost" lipstick-wearing, type of girl. It doesn't cover much of my pigmented lips and it just makes me look like I'm on crack or something. I know it may sound a bit harsh, but like I said, I'm not such a big fan of frosted lipsticks.

This lipstick is a nice red with a blue undertone which I LOVE!!! I love red lipsticks mainly because it's a classic look and as well as it makes your teeth look a lot brighter. I can't say much about this lipstick, but this is absolutely a makeup bag must have. ;)

This creme glace is very very pigmented to be a "lip gloss" I do love that about it. Consistency of it is very nice, not sticky at all & very creamy like it says. However, the color... I am very disappointed! Makes me feel like I just came out of the Twilight movie or I just ate a jar of Nutella & I love it so much that I ended up smothering it all over my lips to save it for later. I don't know, not feeling this color so much. Maybe for Halloween? But definitely not for everyday use. Plus, it doesn't compliment my skintone at all. I love lip products that are bright & creamy & most of you guys know that I love my colors, so this Creme Glace just doesn't cut it for me. Sorry!

I wanna say that I only really liked the Red lipstick & the Everything Stick is a bit borderline, but the other lipstick & the Creme Glace just doesn't work for me. The packaging though is very cute & simplistic. I think that the products are very promising, however, it's just the colors that I wasn't feeling too much. Maybe if I had the right colors like creamy Pinks & Corals/ Orange shade lipsticks then I might like that. Otherwise, I give these products a 2.5/5

FTC: These items were sent to me by http://michaeltoddcosmetics.com for review purposes only. I am not affiliated nor am I getting paid to do this review. What may work for me may not work for you, so please use at your own discretion.



  1. whoah. that gloss color is INTENSE! HAHA. you're right. it does remind me of twilight :p
    their lipstick packaging looks just like Bobbi Brown's!

  2. Wow! The shades in the Beauty Book looks like those MAC eyeshadows that I bought from you!

  3. Wow :D Those lippies ARE super pigmented. I actually really dig that dark colour. I'm into the dark lips look because it works with my skin a little better than bright pinks and reds (so count yourself lucky!)

    It's hard to find a lipgloss that pigmented! :D

  4. Oooh! I have never seen those ELF colours either! Man you're lucky to have your Target carry those :D The Beauty Book looks super cute :D

  5. @Jina: I know what you mean, I was like OMGGG! haha ! anyways, I agree with the lipstick packaging hehe! very cute!

    @Ha: Hahaha, oh yeah huh! I never noticed that. They're very pigmented as well, so it was a good buy :)

    @Angie: Aw really? If you want you can have it :) I've only used it twice. to swatch on my hand & one time on my lips. I really have no use for them so if you want you can have it ^.^ And I know what you mean, this gloss is like a lip tint after you take it off, it stays still. haha! its crazy! but you gotta love that ;) & about the ELF, I was a bit shocked too cause for a while they took out the ELF stuff at target, then I went there a few days ago & BAM! new stuff. So, I grabbed most of it. heh!

  6. Omg really? Thank you so much :D We should do a swap! I don't have any great makeup though .. mostly cheap ass stuff like ELF lolll. I could get you something you want. Just tell me :D (Or at least somehow pay for shipping)

    The Targets in STL or SD don't have ELF. Boo xD Maybe those items were released in stores before the site? That's crazy. I have the studio version of the blusher/bronzer duo which is crazy good. I don't know why they had to make a flimsier $1 version.

  7. I like the lipstick colors on you! That gloss is DAMN pigmented! Holy moly! :D

  8. @Angie: hehe! no prob! It's better to let you have it so it can be used rather than stay with me & collect dust hehe ;P Also, dont worry about paying for anything or whatever, I'll send it to you as a love package or something :) Also for the swap, I have a lot of things that I don't use anymore & I'll be posting them later on and we can all do swaps of makeup items that we don't use anymore. ^-^ Sounds good right? Anyways, as for the ELF, this was actually the first time that I've seen these kind of packaing before. Even the boxes that they came in looked different, maybe a LE item? Also for the blush & bronzer duo, I have the Studio one too but that one is a bit darker in comparison of this $1 version. It's also just as pigmented, but the packaging sucks big hairy balls. LOL!

  9. @Susie: Thank you, sweet Susie! <3 And, I know! insane right? it almost does not come off, cause it's overly pigmented. Hahaha! just like a lip stain. haha

  10. Yay! Omg perfect :D Hahaha warning though I really just have a ton of junk. Maybe I can dig up some Clinique stuff I used to steal from my Mom when I was little HAHAHA :D

    That will be exciting ^__^ !

  11. great colors on the lip gloss!! and the packaging is great too!!

  12. Thanks for the review!!
    I think the lipgloss should be renamed as liquid lipstick. LOL. And vampires was the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the colour. But I love your Nutella story ^^

    & yea, I agree with you. These products sound great but these colours aren't really my taste


  13. The lipsticks looks crazy pigmented!!! Love the colours too. The gloss reminds me of Vampires LOL

  14. Affection looks amazing! x

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