July 16, 2010

JStyleShopper's Dress Video + Pics

Here is the close up of the dress :)
top half details
bottom half of the dress

Here's the video ;)

Here's some of my photowhoring pics (LOL)

And, lastly, here's my FOTD/EOTD:


  1. Looking so dainty!:D

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    & Life According to Marie.

  2. I like-y! I just saw the vid on youtube, then when I went to blogger, this was right at the top.

    This dress is so girly and dainty! I think this can be worn to many different types of occasion ^^ I love your second pose, haha, so cute!


  3. HAHA camwhoring is a good thing ;)
    you're rockin that dress! super cute. I like your hair accessory too!
    you have such beautiful eyes >< I wish I had an outside fold eye! :(

    RE: do you live in la?

  4. @Marie: Aw you're too sweet! thank u!

    @Lisa: Oh ahaha! thanks for watching my vids as well as reading my posts <3 Thank you so much! & I know what you mean, This can be worn in different occasions as long as you change the accessories. Hehe! <3 you're so sweet, thank you!

    @Jinna: Haha! Agreed! ;) Thank you! & Aww, really? my eyes are actually smaller without makeup but I guess I was just blessed with a double eyelid. Anyways, I like your eyes too, they're pretty moon shaped <3 & No, I live in NorCal. My BF lives in LA & I go there once in a while.

  5. lovely ;]

  6. wow pretty dress
    and love the eyes ^.^

  7. OMG!!..Gorgeous..I love your white dress..Absolutely gorgeous..Love your FOTD..

  8. Aww you look like a princess! You look so beautiful, Nikki :D What do you think of the site in general? I've been thinking of ordering some stuff there

  9. The dress is so adorable! I really have to get some things from jstyleshopper.com!

  10. ooh love this look - what contacts are you wearing?