July 22, 2010

Hard Candy Haulage

Hard Candy Cosmetics are exclusively sold at your local Walmart or you can also get it via online: http://hardcandy.com


This particular blush is perfect!!! I love love love it! It's great as a blush and also a bronzer. It's not too shimmery either, which is even better. I love Hard Candy packaging but some of their products disappoint me a bit. But this particular one is absolutely amazing. I give it a 5/5 :) It's amazing for this season especially if you want that bronzed look that just makes you glow and not look overly "tanned."

This eyeshadow is a bit disappointing because when first swatched on your fingers it looks really pigmented but once swatched on skin (eyelids) the color payoff just disappears which sucks =/ I really had high hopes with this eye shadow. I've actually tried a few of their baked shadows and for some reason it just doesn't perform that well. So, for that, I give this eye shadow a 2/5. I'm sure this will be better with a good eye primer and if you have the patience to keep packing it on.

These mascaras definitely failed me =( I ended up getting purple colored mascaras. I mean these two would've had so much potential but it's just the color that was kind of disappointing. I mean, where could I possibly wear a purple mascara? Although the 1000 lashes mascara is a lot brighter than the curl up & dye mascara. The curl up & dye mascara can at least pass a close cousin of black, because it's like a plummy color, but the 1000 lashes is just too bright. I give these mascaras a 1/5. The packaging never fails me so that's why I gave it a 1.

 This eyeliner is very uniquely packaged! I love how it looks like a chopstick :) very unique, in deed! Anyways, the color is a bright-rich purple & it looks alright however staying power wise is not so good. However, if you do set it with an eyeshadow, it will be alright :) I give it a 3.5/5

This lip pencil absolutely shocked me because never would I imagine that it would be so glossy! It's just like a lipgloss with is amazing. I love how it's not too sheer or too pigmented either. The color is amazingly gorgeous so I give this lip pencil a 4/5 ;)

Ahhhh~ look at this lipstick's packaging!! isn't it just gorgeous?? it's so freaking cute! & what's so adorable about the Hard Candy lipsticks is that all of the packaging are different. Soooo cute right? Anyways, so you're probably wondering, what's the product like? Well, the product is outstanding as well ^-^ I got a red-shade lipstick with gold flecks. It's really nice & very rich & creamy. Very moisturising as well, which I love love love! So for this lipstick, I give it a 5/5

All in all, it was 50/50 with this haul. Some products were good and some were EH! but it's so hard to resist buying Hard Candy products when I'm such a sucker for their cute packaging. I think, I will continue to get their lipsticks because as most of you guys know, I am a LIPSTICK whore. hahaha! I love my lipsticks & it wouldn't hurt to add, cute-adorable lipsticks in my collection ;)


  1. You need to try out "Fire Alarm" lippy it's fabulous!

  2. Great review! (^_^)


  3. Hm, I'm gonna have to look harder next time, I can never find Hard Candy at my Walmart! Then again, I've always glanced for it when I remembered.

  4. Great hauls hun..I love it..^_^..

  5. Great review! Good thing too because I've been eyeing those products every time I go to Walmart but I haven't bought anything yet :P

  6. Thanks for reviewing :D I've always wanted to try Hard Candy for their packaging but I always think .. man I'm at WALMART ... do I need to pay this much? Lol seems like they're hit or miss too. I will try the blush and lippies now :D !

  7. omg i love hard candy's packaging! i have the bronzer and blush and i love them except i have different shades. yeah i feel like they're eyeliners and mascaras are crappy though, which sucks bc i love the packaging on them! i want to try some of their new stuff, like the moon glow highlighter! :)

  8. I want to try Hard Candy soo badly!! But it's not in Canada's walmart!! Nooooooooo


  9. the bombshell and intergalactic thingy both look like the top of a muffin, lol.