July 18, 2010

FOTD + OOTD + MAC BLOG SALE FREE SHIPPING (Pic heavy, as usual!)

Here's my OOTD :) 
Very hippy-ish? What do you think?

[click to enlarge]

Here's the FOTD, lol
finally wore some color on my eyes, but it's still someone neutral & of course, smoky. 
I know, I'm such a dork right? haha!
wanted to make yo heads tilt. kekekeke!
Here's my lip color of the day :) I'm using Wet&Wild's matte lipstick in.. uhh, "Mauve..something?" I forgot! haha! But it looks nothing mauve. It's more like a bright fuchsia or something in that category?

Anyways, it seems like a lot of people always ask what lipstick I'm wearing on my blog posts/ yt vids. So, I thought that I should at least mention them ^^ 

Also, this is totally not makeup nor beauty related but I just wanted to show you guys my friends little daughter, Leilani aka Lani/ LJ. Isn't she just super cute? She reminds me of the little girl, "Boo" from Monster's Inc. What do you guys think? I love her lashes too! Ahh and she's such a cleaver little girl. Barely 1.5 years old...RAWR!! I love her ;)

Her momma is mexican & her dad is filipino
^ look that this one? Isn't she precious? HAHAHA! She looks like she's a bout to throw a bitch fit ;) loves ittt!


Lastly, I just want to let you guys know a little update abut my MAC BLOG SALE. Since tomorrow is me and my boyfriends, 1 year anniversary... I will offer FREE SHIPPING to anyone who orders $30 or more.

*PLEASE DO NOTE, that this offer is only available for US residents only. Offer valid till the end of the month, which is a few more weeks :)

Also, I'll added pictures of the blushes on my blog sale, for you guys to see the blushes more up close.

[this link will direct you to my MAC BLOG SALE page]


  1. great outfit and lipstick :D i really like that shade on you. happy almost anniversary! i'm so happy for you guys :D :D :D webcam webcam webcam! ^__^

    awww that little girl is soooo cute :) her eyelashes are so long i'm jealoussss xD love that last photo of her too hahaha what a character

  2. Gorgeous as always hun..^_^..Love your FOTD..Your lipstick..Ahh..gorgeous..Awww your friend daughter look so cute and adorable..Love her sweet smile..

  3. @Angie: Thanks love!!! <333 you're too king & aww I wish~ we can't though, he's been studying for a few weeks now for his midterm so yeah =/ but it's ok. As for lani, isn't she just the cutest? and man, she looks like she's wearing fake eyelashes hehe right? she's uber adorable!

    @Angiepink: Thanks, angie hehe! kinda funny how both of you Angie's commented me at the same time, well almost :) Anyways..you're too sweet hun! & She's adorable huh?

  4. love the outfit...ur makeup looks lovely as usual.. awww the lil girl is too cute...

  5. Lmao, Nikki you are so cute! I love your skirt =) Omggggg, she is so cute!

  6. i always love your lipstick choices!

    congratulations to you and your boyfriend!
    july 19 is my boyfriend and my anniversary as well =)

  7. Hahah..I know.. I just realize it..=P..Yeah she's adorable..^_^..

  8. I do love that Wet n wild lip, looks pretty. Def not even close to mauve though lol. Aww, yeah she is super cute haha!


  9. Cute skirt! I wish I could pull off eyeshadows the way you do!