July 31, 2010

[CLOSED] Snorg Tee's Review & Giveaway


Hey there my lovely readers, it's been a while since my last giveaway hasn't it? Anyways, here's another one, since I know you guys love these kinds of things. GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

some tshirt designs.

Ok, so what is Snorgtees.com? Snorgtee's is actually this site that sells all these cute shirts & hoodies with funny catch phrases & silly pick up lines for not only men and women but also for kids. Their shirts are super comfortable and the quality is really good. Along with the great comfort and quality also comes the affordability.  The website is also very accessible, where you can find tons of shirts and hoodies that you might actually like. This site has shirts for anyone and everyone, which is why I really like it. From your parents to your siblings to you little nephews & nieces, Snorgtee's has something for everyone.

here's the design I got, "What's up cake? Muffin much!" haha! isn't it just adorable? I love this shirt! I actually got a size Medium because I didn't want a tight fitting shirt. I wanted something a bit loose, & Medium was the size I was looking for. It's not too tight and not too loose either, just perfect! I like how they have a size chart, as well & they list what kind of fabric & t-shirt material they used. Also, another thing that I noticed is that they also included that these certain t-shirts may run a bit small, so it was a good heads up.

Price: $18.95
-100% Super Soft Cotton
-American Apparel Jersey T
-Form fitting; runs small

 So, here are some pictures of me wearing the very cute shirt that I got from Snorgtees.com & one lucky reader/ follower will also have the chance to win your own Snorg Tee (of your choice) courtesy of Snorgtees.com. So like any other giveaway that I've done, of course there will be some rules that you have to follow, so please read & follow them carefully :)


1.)This giveaway will end August 19, 2010; 12am PST

2.) Open to all my followers worldwide

3.) Blogs that are made specifically for giveaways only, will NOT be accepted.

(meaning, if you have 5 entries, leave 5 seperate comments)


1.) Must be a public follower via Google Connect

2.) Must do a seperate blog about my giveaway, using the 1st picture on the top, linking back to this post
(link the url of that blog)



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5.) Grab my badge & place it on your side bar

*NOTE: I will be checking every entry to make sure that this giveaway is fair for everyone.
Good Luck, Everyone!

FTC: The following item were sent to me by http://snorgtees.com for review purposes only. I am not getting compensated for doing this review. Everything in this post is a 100% my own honest opinion. What may work for me, may not work for you, so please use at your own discretion. Also, this giveaway is sponsored by snorgtees.com as well.

July 28, 2010

[Review] Dolly Brown & Nudy Quarter Blue Lenses

These lenses are pretty comfortable, not the most comfortable lenses I own though, but it is pretty up there with the comfort. I can wear these lenses for about 8 hours and not feel any discomfort. However, anywhere more than that, it gets a bit dry.
Color & Design:
The color is a nice vibrant blue color, which is nice for those who love the blue eyed look. Very sexy & sultry, perfect paired with a nice smoky eye. The design is like any other lenses from the Nudy Series, which has that pixelated look to it. Normally, I find that Nudy lenses are better paired with a less intense eye look (just like my Nudy Browns) But these Nudy Quarter Blues actually still look good with or without much eye make up. I really like it!
I mean, these lenses are only 14mm, so they don't really give you that much enlargement. But like I always say, I enjoy wearing 14mm lenses more than a pair that are much bigger. I feel like a 14mm lens like this one is more comfortable and less drying than lenses that are bigger.
All in all, I really like these lenses :D Not only is it comfortable, but the lenses are very vibrant. Not the most natural lenses to wear if you have darker colored eyes, but it's absolutely gorgeous.

 These lenses are not necessarily the most comfortable lenses I've ever worn, which is kind of disappointing because I was hoping that they would be more comfortable. I had to make sure my eyes were well lubricated with lens solution, otherwise it won't even stay in my eyes.
Color & Design:
 As for color, I can say that it is very vibrant, but like the title says "DOLLY BROWN" I'm a bit confused because this is clearly not brown or anything close to being a brown shade. It is a bright yellow!!! When I wore it, my whole family was wondering, "Why the hell are your eyes yellow?" Although, I have tried these lenses a couple of times to make sure I give them a fair shot, they just didn't fit me well. I felt like I had mutant eyes =/ Like instead of a pink eye, I had a yellow eye or should I say, EYES.
 These lenses are about 14.2mm, so it enlarges a bit. However, it isn't too big either nor is it too small. So this size is actually pretty good.
 Overall, I'm not too fond of these lenses but I do appreciate the fact that the color pay off is really good and the size of these lenses are in between. But, I feel like when it's supposed to be "BROWN," it's supposed to be brown or even close to being a shade of brown, not yellow. So for that, I'm a bit disappointed with these particular lenses. I doubt I'll wear them on a regular basis, maybe on Halloween?

 Where to buy: CLICK HERE

FTC: These lenses were sent to me by http://mukuchu.blogspot.com for review purposes only. I am not getting paid to do this review. What works for me, may not work for you, vicaversa, so please use at your own discretion.


July 25, 2010

OOTD + A LOT OF PICS! + Video that I watched over 20 times

Here's my OOTD!
I'm rocking a Zipper Ruched Tunic by Aryn K from http://messesofdresses.com/ 

Also, I would like to let you guys know that Messes Of Dresses is offering FREE shipping on all orders. If that isn't a great deal, I don't know what is. hehe!


Here's my FOTD & EOTD
simple neutral eye makeup ;)


Here's the makeup make over I did for my little sister. She wanted me to do her make up for her Senior pictures. So here's the simple look I gave her :)

And, lastly...I'll leave you with a video that sends shivers down my spine again & again. It's crazy!!! I've seen this video over and over and over since last night! Ahh~!! and never did it get tiring for me! wahh! crazy vocals!

I love Charice!!!

July 22, 2010

Hard Candy Haulage

Hard Candy Cosmetics are exclusively sold at your local Walmart or you can also get it via online: http://hardcandy.com


This particular blush is perfect!!! I love love love it! It's great as a blush and also a bronzer. It's not too shimmery either, which is even better. I love Hard Candy packaging but some of their products disappoint me a bit. But this particular one is absolutely amazing. I give it a 5/5 :) It's amazing for this season especially if you want that bronzed look that just makes you glow and not look overly "tanned."

This eyeshadow is a bit disappointing because when first swatched on your fingers it looks really pigmented but once swatched on skin (eyelids) the color payoff just disappears which sucks =/ I really had high hopes with this eye shadow. I've actually tried a few of their baked shadows and for some reason it just doesn't perform that well. So, for that, I give this eye shadow a 2/5. I'm sure this will be better with a good eye primer and if you have the patience to keep packing it on.

These mascaras definitely failed me =( I ended up getting purple colored mascaras. I mean these two would've had so much potential but it's just the color that was kind of disappointing. I mean, where could I possibly wear a purple mascara? Although the 1000 lashes mascara is a lot brighter than the curl up & dye mascara. The curl up & dye mascara can at least pass a close cousin of black, because it's like a plummy color, but the 1000 lashes is just too bright. I give these mascaras a 1/5. The packaging never fails me so that's why I gave it a 1.

 This eyeliner is very uniquely packaged! I love how it looks like a chopstick :) very unique, in deed! Anyways, the color is a bright-rich purple & it looks alright however staying power wise is not so good. However, if you do set it with an eyeshadow, it will be alright :) I give it a 3.5/5

This lip pencil absolutely shocked me because never would I imagine that it would be so glossy! It's just like a lipgloss with is amazing. I love how it's not too sheer or too pigmented either. The color is amazingly gorgeous so I give this lip pencil a 4/5 ;)

Ahhhh~ look at this lipstick's packaging!! isn't it just gorgeous?? it's so freaking cute! & what's so adorable about the Hard Candy lipsticks is that all of the packaging are different. Soooo cute right? Anyways, so you're probably wondering, what's the product like? Well, the product is outstanding as well ^-^ I got a red-shade lipstick with gold flecks. It's really nice & very rich & creamy. Very moisturising as well, which I love love love! So for this lipstick, I give it a 5/5

All in all, it was 50/50 with this haul. Some products were good and some were EH! but it's so hard to resist buying Hard Candy products when I'm such a sucker for their cute packaging. I think, I will continue to get their lipsticks because as most of you guys know, I am a LIPSTICK whore. hahaha! I love my lipsticks & it wouldn't hurt to add, cute-adorable lipsticks in my collection ;)

July 21, 2010

[Haul/ Review] BYS Animal Instincts Eyeshadow Quad

Here are the quads :)
[click to enlarge]

BYS Animal Instincts (Darks)

BYS Animal Instincts (Naturals)

Price per quad: $4.32 (very cheap!!!)
Shipping: takes 1 week :)
Where to buy: http://fashionaddict.com.au

Here's my EOTD using the Animal Instinct Quad in Purples

July 18, 2010

FOTD + OOTD + MAC BLOG SALE FREE SHIPPING (Pic heavy, as usual!)

Here's my OOTD :) 
Very hippy-ish? What do you think?

[click to enlarge]

Here's the FOTD, lol
finally wore some color on my eyes, but it's still someone neutral & of course, smoky. 
I know, I'm such a dork right? haha!
wanted to make yo heads tilt. kekekeke!
Here's my lip color of the day :) I'm using Wet&Wild's matte lipstick in.. uhh, "Mauve..something?" I forgot! haha! But it looks nothing mauve. It's more like a bright fuchsia or something in that category?

Anyways, it seems like a lot of people always ask what lipstick I'm wearing on my blog posts/ yt vids. So, I thought that I should at least mention them ^^ 

Also, this is totally not makeup nor beauty related but I just wanted to show you guys my friends little daughter, Leilani aka Lani/ LJ. Isn't she just super cute? She reminds me of the little girl, "Boo" from Monster's Inc. What do you guys think? I love her lashes too! Ahh and she's such a cleaver little girl. Barely 1.5 years old...RAWR!! I love her ;)

Her momma is mexican & her dad is filipino
^ look that this one? Isn't she precious? HAHAHA! She looks like she's a bout to throw a bitch fit ;) loves ittt!


Lastly, I just want to let you guys know a little update abut my MAC BLOG SALE. Since tomorrow is me and my boyfriends, 1 year anniversary... I will offer FREE SHIPPING to anyone who orders $30 or more.

*PLEASE DO NOTE, that this offer is only available for US residents only. Offer valid till the end of the month, which is a few more weeks :)

Also, I'll added pictures of the blushes on my blog sale, for you guys to see the blushes more up close.

[this link will direct you to my MAC BLOG SALE page]

July 16, 2010

JStyleShopper's Dress Video + Pics

Here is the close up of the dress :)
top half details
bottom half of the dress

Here's the video ;)

Here's some of my photowhoring pics (LOL)

And, lastly, here's my FOTD/EOTD: