June 27, 2010

OOTD + FOTD + Father's Day Pics + Misc

Outfit Of The Day

Just minimal makeup..
It's too hot and I'm too lazy to even put on eye shadows haha!

Father's Day Pics
this was at my aunt's house!
we had a surprise father's day get together for my dad :)

my niece, cousin & i
my niece, cousin, me and my other niece
my sis and me
take 2

My snack, lately...
(toast with nutella, bananas & strawberries)

Random Vid...
I'm silly! hahahaah!


  1. I like your OOTD! :) & what a cute family :) Omg, I love Nutella! Sooo yummmy~

  2. You are so tiny and cute :) xo

  3. Wow!!..Gorgeous OOTD.. What a cute family you have there..=)..

  4. @Susie: Thank you <3 Also, hi5! i mean who doesn't love nutella right & it's goodness? hehehe

    @beautyandthebeast: haha! I guess I'am pretty small...haha well, yeah, I'am & aww.. thank you xoxo

    @Angie: Thanks love! you're too sweet!

  5. You're just TOOOO cute Nikki. "Helmet head...helmet face... ohhh.." {*HAHAHAA} LOVES!! =] You always make me laugh.

    You know after reading this post and watching your videos.. I realized I've never owned a white V-neck shirt. I need to get one. They're so versatile.

    Loving your simplistic and chic outfit. I need to find some more high wasted skirts. Actually I need work clothes that can be dressed down. {*hehe}

    Your Nutella, banana and strawberry toast is making me hungry! It's only 11pm but I ate uber early today, ~5pm. To eat or not to eat. I need to sleep soon too. =(

    Summer.. What's summer? {*LOL} I miss having free time during the day but I'm trying to make the best of everyday by going out whenever I can.
    [oops.. comment became a rant. Sorry!]

    NASH IS SUCH A CUTIE! He looks like he's ready to just plop over. He has this.. "mommy... are you really going to do this to me right now? =( *pout... *sigh fine have your way with me.."

    Glad you're using the Missha facial oil! I had that extra bottle and I knew I wasn't ever going to use it. Remembered you said you liked it.

    <3s Serena.

  6. Love your look and your outfit :)

  7. cute ootd :D i saw it on youtube! thank you so much nikki :) your support means so much to me. thank you for being a great friend this year!

  8. Omg that food looks DELICIOUS *drools* :O and I love your eye makeup, especially how bright the inner corner is

  9. oh hey gorgeous! your family is beautiful!! <3

  10. Hey Nikki, love your pics!

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    It's sponsored by Jaguar Luxury Cosmetics, and its to win free makeup! I hope that you can enter!

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  11. omg nikki~ i've been so MIA on blogger, i need to catch up with all your posts!! STRAWBERRY, NUTELLA AND BANANAS!?!? i definitely need to give that a try, thanks for the idea!!!

  12. I love your OOTD and the lipstick you're wearing!

  13. Love the pics! and OMG that snack looks super yummy, I need to try that.

  14. OMG I LOVE NUTELLA!...but only with a big spoon to scoop it up, nothing else...except for maybe strawberries [: